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  1. Apologies if this was already discussed somewhere, but I can't seem to find it anywhere so here goes: Just recently, my laptop's hard drive crashed, and I attempted to save my system files by copying over my Library to an external drive. Attempting to restore my "current" Evernote onto my new drive (by pasting the old Library) worked out fine, however the long list of notes I had stored in the "quick-note"/clipper (on the toolbar) seems to have disappeared, and I don't know where I can recover it — actually, is there a way to recover what was written in the quick-note/clipper? Was there a backup made somewhere? I've located a file named "quick-note-preserved.obj", but I can't seem to open it with anything. Do I have to import it somewhere? If it helps, I'm a macbook pro user, and the application was downloaded from the "app store" on this laptop. Thanks for your help TT.TT Just any way to view the information will do....
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