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  1. @Shane D.As you can see the quick note is empty. It was filled with text before upgrading to the new version. I used it as sort of a notepad (not saving it, just leaving random notes there). Now its gone and it would be great to retrieve the data that was there if possible
  2. not sure what you mean. The system menu icon is still there (although now it has a different look and feel) but the data inside that I had (text) is not. The helper also goes away when I quit Evernote while it stayed there before until I rebooted or manually closed it via a small menu. I am trying to retrieve the DATA that I had there.
  3. So I recently updated to the newer style Evernote on my Mac and the contents of my quicknote (which I used as a draft "sticky note" for miscellaneous notes) disappeared! Is there a way to retrieve this? If not, then wow can't believe Evernote would do that. Thanks for any help in advance
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