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  1. semiswirl's post in Updated to new Evernote style (MAC) and Quicknote content disappeared! Is it somewhere to be found? was marked as the answer   
    [This is all for Legacy EN on a Mac. I'm not sure if it works differently on a PC or the new EN for Mac.] A quick note is saved, but not as a note. It's saved as a file: quick-note-preserved.obj. It's a little tricky to recover it though, if it happens to disappear (has only happened to me twice in all the years of me using it). You can find it by searching for that file name, but renaming to .txt doesn't work. But what DOES WORK is right-click and selecting to open it with Notes. You'll have to wade through a bit of code at the beginning and the end, but your lost note will be waiting for you in the middle of it. It weirdly won't let you properly copy and paste it. But you can print it to a PDF, open that, copy the text, and paste it wherever you want it...even if, like me, you paste it back to the quick note bar because it's just SO useful for using as a scratch pad, even if it is a "mis-use" of the feature 😛 
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