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  1. They don't (normally) pull the selection directly into your message at the current location. They require you to - go to the Finder - Show Desktop - Find the screenshot file - make the current note visible as a drag target - drag the screenshot file into that location Ahh, but you may say you can set the Save location for your screenshots to go to Clipboard True, but that then means, as I'm busy writing and want to quickly grab an illustration in my current note, I have to stop and think can I throw away whatever is in the clipboard It's all about break
  2. Similarly infuriated at this loss. I use this feature all the time. Using Grab and copy is a distinct hit on my workflow. Also, the Import Image command has been broken for a long time, on two different Macs I have noticed it apparently freezing Evernote for minutes, eventually saw the alert below.
  3. I'm always willing to admit I've misunderstood, forgotten or missed the arrival of a feature. Is there some way to tell Evernote Mac to store attachments externally? Or are you just talking about pulling content out of Evernote onto another disk, in which case it would not be synchronised or scanned?
  4. I think something else is going on that you're not understanding. Catalina doesn't magically compress data to some extent but it does introduce a new system partition. If you validly used to have 50GB of notes then you should still have them somewhere. I'm a developer and have a pretty good idea of how things like Evernote work including their database. Data doesn't just magically vanish unless you had an index which drastically needed a rebuild.
  5. Well, in my experience, with around 40,000 notes, it can definitely total up to being a problem - nearly 37GB folder size here. If I had to leave it on the internal drive I would be unable to use Evernote desktop on the Macbook I'm taking on holiday, despite having a 1TB external SSD, because it's a relatively low-spec machine. Fortunately, using a symbolic link let me move the Evernote main data folder to the external.
  6. This is related to issues with searching offline. Different results are being reported and I'm wondering if the OCR searching bypasses local indexing, or varies according to account type. There are a couple of interesting articles on how indexing works but are many years old 2011 blog post on indexing 2013 blog post on image recognition
  7. I think I have an explanation for our different results. I'm fairly sure, after reading your and PinkElephant's post, that you are only talking about hits on OCR documents. That's a very interesting point of difference, which may indicate these searches are using the server API rather than local indexes. Do you have any plain text notes which verify these results? What happens if you type in a plain note with invoice in it then do a search on "invoic"? Note that the results I quoted in my message above are from testing I repeated as I wrote the message, on the current desktop c
  8. Just to clarify things, for anyone reading that comment, I am not talking about OCR. Evernote search is fundamentally broken as I described at length for original content typed into notes and text clipped from the web. I agree OCR is not perfect and sometimes I've seen slightly off interpretation of words on photos. This is not the same thing.
  9. Where is use of hyphens advertised/described? It doesn't work for me. Are you talking about a really specific example where this worked or am I missing something? The documentation I linked to is the standard Evernote search help page which clearly states using quotes to limit a search. It is the top hit when you Google Evernote Search. At the bottom of that page is a link to the Search Grammar page. I erupted with frustration a while back because the standard helpdesk response is to direct people to that page even though it is only correct for the web client. Neither of those p
  10. Something that drives me utterly crazy is that Evernote desktop (both Mac and Windows) has a stupid search - putting things in quotes does not force an exact match. This is contrary to the way the API and the web interface work. It is contrary to the way the documentation says it works, but there is no desktop-specific documentation explaining this difference. This may not be much of an issue for trivial users. I have nearly 40K notes and frequently want to search on exact matches. I have at times given up and used the web UI because desktop returns too many hits. The
  11. I have just logged a bug "Search no longer works as documented for text matching without quotes." because the unquoted search is no longer working on the web client either. support ticket #2767048
  12. It's broken. I'm currently writing another response to a bug report I made and pointed out that the documentation on search has not matched the reality for several years. Originally, search behaved as documented. Now, it's as if every word you type is followed by an asterisk, unless you use quotes. The bug I just reported is that a recent Mac desktop update broke that too!!!!! So, on web, searching for "chan" china gets 23 hits. On my Mac it gets 36 because the "chan" ALSO matches change.
  13. I noticed a few days ago that when I use the Chrome clipper to Open in Evernote it is using an HTML link and opening the web client. Previously it would briefly open a web tab then the desktop client would launch. Anyone know if this is a by design change? It's a really annoying break in my workflow - about 20% of my clips I either want to further annotate or link to them from another note, immediately after clipping. The preference in Evernote Mac Desktop for Clipper is set to After clipping: Bring the clip to the front. Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit
  14. Prompted to look at this by seeing @jjdevenuta comment on another thread. I am about to travel so not inclined to experiment but has anyone tried using a hard link to redirect their Evernote folder? I use them to have some of my iTunes content on my Drobo. There's a good user-level discussion here of aliases vs symbolic links vs hard links. Warning they are broken by APFS, the new file system in macOS High Sierra. See Apple doc and this recent Ask Different thread. I'd also suggest experimenting with symbolic links (they may still work depending on Evernote). So if hard links are th
  15. Sync is also a pain if you need to setup a laptop for travel which is not commonly used, or have to reinstall - I've had a Surface which required a reinstall two days before a trip. Fortunately, the Windows version allows for on-demand download but that's still not a substitute for proper selective sync on desktop.
  16. This used to be in the "offline notebooks" view - I see it's now in the main notebooks list, which is probably more useful - thanks for the heads-up. Apologies in that this is an unfair criticism. I won't rely on Evernote because I got caught once on travel, despite my attempt to have notes in an offline notebook and verified before travelling. I think this may have been a purge bug.
  17. I'm watching my phone downloading offline content now, at least I assume that is what it is doing. In the settings dialog, the Sync Now button is green indicating it is not syncing but the little network activity spinner up the top flickers on and off every few seconds. Something I utterly hate about the iOS client is the lack of transparency about its download state. There is no way to know how far through download it has gotten (correction - this is now visible in the main notebooks list, not the offline notebooks list), which is a cause of stress when you are going to be travellin
  18. I think the crashes occur if you have a Notes list view active - realised that a little while ago and it seems to have got through most of the rest with the settings/Account view frontmost without crashing. It's certainly a lot slower than an hour to get just the metadata for my notes down, wonder if that's because it now seems to be doing more image displaying in the list views and it was also trying to pull images. Ohhh, duh, possibly my fault - needed to change it to show small previews and turn off images in previews. Dunno if that was a side-effect of completely deleting and install
  19. Thanks @Shane D. I have submitted a response to the ticket, some unhappy further details below. I doubt whether anyone is interested in disclosing an answer to this question but I would love to know if anyone on the dev or executive team is using devices with say 40 or 50 thousand notes? If not, you should have at least some people "dogfooding" at that level. Notes from my support ticket response, of use to others experiencing this bug. Once re-installed, I was able to login and start reloading notes. but Unlike previous versions, it keeps crashing during the sync.
  20. iOS maintains metadata - I have 37,000 + notes so that alone is substantial (it includes the thumbnails and several other fields - as a developer who was at one point working on an app for Evernote I spent quite a bit of time looking at the API). I also often have a couple of GB of offline notebooks but experience indicates the metadata sync is the slow bit - I'm pretty sure it's rate-limited
  21. I'm forcing a deep sync (tap with two fingers on the Sync button). So far it seems to be doing something but, unlike older versions, doesn't show anything in the All Notes whilst it is in the middle of Deep Sync. Will have to wait until tomorrow to see if my Evernote resurfaces.... Nope, sync just failed - support Ticket# 2633216 Deleted app and re-installed - after logging in it seems to be downloading notes and is showing them as it goes in All Notes so hope is now OK. One interesting data point - when I logged in previously I used my username which is not an email a
  22. I just upgraded and see no data either. I signed out and signed in again and it is certainly the correct account - all my other devices are showing up in My Account - Devices. Really annoying timing - we're about to leave for a four-day trip and it normally takes around a day to re-sync all my note metadata and a few offline notebooks
  23. I'm very very happy to say that I'm responding to Ticket# 2548515 - Evernote Mac unresponsive during sync by saying that 7.2 appears to have fixed this problem, which has been a huge problem for me for a long time. Thanks for what I'm sure was a significant engineering challenge (I've been developing for over 35 years and I know how hard conflicts with background comms can be.)
  24. Is Evernote for iOS supposed to be able to sync in the background? I ask because I recently had an event where tech support suggested I Deep Sync (two-finger tap the Sync button) to fix. They failed to warn me this would be a full wipe and refresh - with my 35,000+ notes it took nearly two days. A followup comment from them suggested turning Display Lock off and leaving Evernote as the frontmost app. I have noticed that Evernote, despite always being open, seems to not sync unless it's frontmost. Yes - I have background refresh enabled. I also have mobile data access e
  25. Thanks for explaining that - I use them a lot and this explains some delays and airplane failure!
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