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Make it easier to send feedback - all platforms



Using Android App 10.60.2 (1212823) the Feedback button wants to "share" with different apps. It doesn't even open email to an Evernote email address.

Finding feedback on the Evernote browser is also pathetic. It shouldn't be this hard. After 12  years of using it, it's become more difficult to use the app overall. Especially the feedback.

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Feedback goes to EN PM, is read and then filed away. You won’t get an answer.

What’s your argument for making it still easier to find, and it must be supereasy on any platform, a top top feature ??? In the practical course of things it does NOTHING for you.

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It doesn't make sense for the Android app to list "Feedback" that doesn't let you enter anything, asks you to CANCEL or SHARE PRODUCT FEEDBACK, but only opens the Android share feature instead of the feedback function Evernote used to have. In older versions of the app, there were drop-downs for bug, feature request, and some other things and fields to enter text. Now there is a useless "Send feedback" button.



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And ???

Where is the problem ? You hit „Share feedback“, it opens an email (at least it does in iOS), you send feedback, they collect it in PM, and that’s it. Feedback was never answered.

The support function is in app settings, support (🎉 surprise), and you can use it to send tickets.

Or do you believe it not allowed to change an apps UI ?

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