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  1. It's not possible to have a Business account on Sandbox; it's not supported. You'll have to create a new Business account on Production for testing purposes if you want to test in an account separate from your real production account.
  2. If you're on Windows, you can export this contact data using my free TuskTools ContactExporter utility. See this forum thread for more details on it.
  3. Great post, Rob! Whoa, I found one of the six people still using Lotus Notes!
  4. What I would do is take any notes from your personal account that you think you'll want to be sharing with your colleagues, and move them to the business account. (In the Mac client - I believe I recall you use a Mac - you can Cmd-click and Shift-click multiple notes and then choose "Move Notes to..." to get them over to the business side. You can't move a whole notebook so you have to use this move-notes method.) Then I would keep using the personal account for your own stuff that you won't be sharing. One of the disadvantages of the split, sometimes, is searching - you have to do separate searches if you're looking for the search term in both sides (although the desktop client makes it easy to do the same search in the other side by providing you that option at the top of the notes list). I say sometimes because at times the split can be an advantage instead. For example, if I search in my personal account for my wife's name "Diane", I'm happy that I don't see notes in my business account with "Diane" in them because they will definitely not be what I'm looking for. One good thing about having a personal account is that, if you email notes into Evernote using the email address they provide you, you can only email into a personal account - there's not at present a capability to email into your business account (though it's definitely been requested). Let me know if you have any questions about the above, or anything else Evernote-related!
  5. Hi Michael, (Have followed you for years, happy to hopefully be able to "give back".) Taking your last question first, you can't really get rid of your personal account, because for the moment at least, an Evernote Business account requires a connected personal account. Having said that, the question is, does it make sense to move all of your personal notes over to your business account? I think it largely depends on the degree of conceptual separation between the notes you have in personal and what you're now starting to put in business. In order to provide useful advice, can you tell us a bit about why you decided to start an Evernote Business account and what you plan to use it for?
  6. I'm going to guess you're using the Windows client. You're correct, AFAIK there's no way to import directly into a Business account on Windows. The Mac client does allow you to import directly into a Business notebook.
  7. I know it's a hack but one solution is that when you Send a Copy, use the CC me on this email option (once you check it, that choice will remain sticky so you don't have to remember to check it every time); then write a rule in your email client which moves those emails into a folder called something like Emails Sent from Evernote.
  8. Yes, you do it via the Admin Console. Click "Notebooks" in the left panel. Use the checkmark field to the left of the notebook's name to select one or more notebooks, then drop down the "Actions" menu (at the top of the notebooks list) and select "Delete Notebook(s)".
  9. Sorry, my utility is specifically for contact information. I'm not aware of a general-purpose CSV exporter.
  10. @DaveH24 The first thing to check is to make sure the notes you're working with are really what Evernote considers as official "contact cards". To do that, go to the notebook in question and put this in the search box at the top of the view: contentClass:evernote.contact.1 When you do that, do you get the notes you're expecting to see as contacts?
  11. @NRobinson and @DaveH24 - I've posted an update to ContactExporter; please give it a go and see if your issues are fixed. You should get notified to download and install the update when you launch the program. It's also available for download here.
  12. @NRobinson Thanks for sending the ENEX file. I've located the issue and am working on a fix - stay tuned. @DaveH24 I'm not sure what your specific issue is but it may well be the same root cause as with @NRobinson - so the best thing is probably to try the new version once I get the fix made and posted, and see if that fixes it for you, too. If not, we can explore further.
  13. @NRobinson Could you export into an ENEX format file a few of the notes that are not getting written to the CSV, and send that file to support@moreproductivenow.com?
  14. As @rezecib says, the API calls for Spaces haven't been added to the public Evernote API. Not sure if/when they will be. But notebooks exist as primary elements in the Evernote store, independent of whether they are attached to a Space or not. So you should be able to access notebooks via the API, but subject of course to access restrictions. As @rezecib asks, what specifically are you wanting to do? (Technically we're supposed to be having developer discussions in StackOverflow but I'll go with this thread until someone says otherwise.)
  15. I'd like to see if I can determine exactly where the error is occurring. When you say "tried to select a notebook": are you able to see a list of your notebooks, you can check one of them and then the error occurs after you check it and click "Next"; or do you never even see a list of your notebooks?
  16. Hi David, This is a user-level forum; Evernote developer support is now done via StackOverflow. Before you go posting there, though, I thought I would ask a few "qualifying questions"... What is the clipNote JSON API; i.e. where did you get it from? It doesn't sound familiar to me; is it something you were given by Evernote, or something you wrote, or it came from a third party, or...?
  17. @Leo Gong Oh OK, so the "dashboard" is the home page view for a Space on the web client?
  18. 1) Got it, no problem. 2) I think it's quite important as it makes it easy to move multiple notebooks into a Space, rather than having to right-click each one and move it individually. This will be especially valuable as part of the initial Spaces onboarding process that you'll be encouraging businesses to go through since in one step, they can use Import to easily move a bunch of existing notebooks into the Space. Also, just to confirm - is it correct that the "Dashboard" feature mentioned in the "Welcome to the business beta" email is something still to come in the near future?
  19. Issues: On my Mac client, "Move Notebook" works fine. On my Windows client, I don't have "Move Notebook" on the context menu. On both Windows and Mac clients, "Import Content..." is disabled; have not figured out a state that enables it.
  20. @Leo Gong Do you want Spaces-related bug reports here, or ....? Also: the email that gets sent to business members includes this: Dashboards – Customize your view to quickly find what's important. I haven't seen any indication of this feature - is it still to come or is it lurking someplace I haven't found yet?
  21. I'd suggest taking a look at TaskClone. I think it will do what do you want - you can create a list of to-do items in an Evernote note and each of those will become a Wrike task. Wrike is listed in their list of supported task apps.
  22. @hb3 Is there any more information in the error message beyond that? (Can you provide the exact contents of the message you're seeing?)
  23. Ah, darn, I was afraid of that. As @DTLow said, on Mac you can now have multiple Evernote tabs open - this is a function of the newer Mac operating system, not of the Evernote app itself. But the same doesn't hold true for Windows. You might want to post this in the Evernote Feature Request forum to allow people to vote for it - I know I will!
  24. SureNotifier is now SureFocus! We've just released a major new version - see this post for details:
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