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  1. @DTLow: I really appreciate your efforts to make this clear. However, I can't get part 2, "copying classic link", to work. When I paste the "internal link" right into my note as explained in step 1 above, this shows up as the note's title, and I am able to copy the title, but not the link. Long press does nothing. Am I missing something here? (iPhone Xs/iOS 12.2/Evernote 8.18.1.x, Premium Account) [UPDATE:] Ah, now I found that I have to get rid of the onscreen keyboard first; then I can do the long press and bring up the share sheet where I can then copy the good old classic link. Thank you again for your assistance. Evernote should make this process much easier! However I get the impression that they don't want their users to make use of classic links for whatever reason ...
  2. I've been hoping for a 'font selection feature' to come for quite a while now. Glad to see I'm not the only one ...
  3. Please, dear folks at Evernote: This one cannot be overly complicated. And everybody here is waiting for years now to be able to chose their own snippet/thumbnail picture.
  4. Some advantages of the direct download version I've already seen are: Mac documents can be linked to a note Photos can be modified (resized, cropped etc) directly via "open" > Preview.app
  5. @DTLow Thank you for your reply. I already had the impression that Evernote's statement that "... there's no difference ... " was not quite correct. Just wondering why they say so if the should know it's not identical. So I guess I'll switch from the App Store version to the Direct Download. Seems there is no disadvantage in doing so, as Evernote is a company I fully trust.
  6. May I bring this old topic back, please. This Evernote support article states that both Download-Version and App-Store-Version, are totally identical. However in this discussion I read that linking Mac files is only possible with the Download-version, which I can confirm from my own experience. So may I ask if there indeed is a difference in both versions, and which version would be recommended if I had to choose.
  7. Just a short info for everyone interested: Linking files from Mac still doesn't work with the Mac App Store version of Evernote. EDIT: Even though in this article they say that there's no difference between both versions.
  8. Today I followed the advice above, deleted and reinstalled the app from iPhone (updating EN to vs. 8.13) - now 'search all notes' is working again!
  9. I am experiencing the same 'search All Notes' issue on iPhone and iPad (iOS 11.4, Evernote app 8.12). On iMac search is perfectly fine (macOS 10.13.4, EN 7.1.1).
  10. Same here. Sometimes when annotating a pdf, sometimes while just reading. Closing and restarting the app helps - temporarily. ?
  11. One and a half year later - and the issue still persists! To add even more to the confusion: Sometimes dragging an image to the Mac's desktop will work as expected, but most of the time it won't and created an "untitled clipping" file. So please, dear Evernote team, do fix this. -- Evernote Version 6.11.1 (455061 App Store) --
  12. Seems it's fixed for new notes containing tables. However, I have several "old" notes where tables still show up "squeezed" on iOS (not on macOS).
  13. Yes I absolutely agree with you. My latest post sounded harsher than intended.
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