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Documentation request: EN functions within MacOS’ Shortcuts app

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Does anyone have any insight or can point me to documentation on EN functions within MacOS’ Shortcuts app?

I used the app to create a Shortcut to create a new Evernote note.  This may sound inconsequential - but when run off Siri, it is a way to create an Evernote note while I am hiking or driving.  I simply say, “Hey Siri, create an Evernote note”.  I then get asked for the note’s title followed by the thought I want to record.

This is all really neat but now I want to append to that note.

Fortunately, there is an Append function in the EN library within Shortcuts.  However, rather than trying to remember the exact wording of the note’s title (an input to the Append function), I want Shortcuts to use the last note created.  To do so, I was hoping to leverage EN’s Get function.

I just can’t find documentation on the EN functions within MacOS’s Shortcuts app.

Thanks in advance.

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43 minutes ago, dvollc said:

This is all really neat but now I want to append to that note

I’m not aware if it is possible to append using Siri.  Instead, I would just create a second note and then merge them later.

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The only method that reliably works is by using the API. It requires good coding skills, and a developer token. Plus the API is still based on the old data model, not reflecting recently added features.

But it allows an independent access, not being bound to a function provided (or removed) from a client. And yes, notes can be appended using the API. I think that usually the amount of effort to safely identify to correct note that gets the appendix is not worth it, and adding a new note is the better way. But that depends on how a note is approached - from a secondary database this may work pretty well.

But again, we are talking serious scripting and dev qualifications here.

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