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  1. specific features? how about: maintaining data integrity - EN constantly overwrites newer files in shared documents. This is a huge problem. offering proper backups - backups used to be easy a number of years ago. And given the frequent loss of data is critical. sharing of documents with basic users - Sharing is the #1 reason I have paid for EN premium for as long as I have. No longer can a premium user share an editable document over 20MB with a basic user. It exceeds the maximum note size and can't be editable. This is a recent change for the worse. lack of a cohesive use
  2. IMO, evernote has gone from a useful tool that was great for groups to one that is no longer useful for that purpose. As someone who has used EN for ~12yrs they keep making crazy changes that don't make a lot of sense. The desktop clients have become extremely unfriendly to use and everything has been moved with poor documentation (most of it is out of date) on where they went. Sharing, notebook backups, etc.... Then there is the matter of file attachments constantly disappearing in shared notes. Shared notes in particular used to be a great innovation that made my life easier. Sharing notes w
  3. No - this isn't possible any more. Exporting individual notes is still there with the 3 dots but exporting a notebook is not. Also related to this is the extremely annoying downgrade where you can no longer create shared notebooks. You can share individual files but the share a notebook feature is no longer present in the newest Evernote. This still works in older version as well as iOS.
  4. I totally agree with all these comments. The lack of back-up options is VERY bad and makes me very nervous to trust my data. I for one will be looking for other options if this isn't fixed soon .....
  5. Long time user (10+ years) here as well. I've had "conflicting changes" problems for many years now despite the fact that this is a 4 year old thread so the problem hasn't gone away. Most of the problems I see are in files within shared folders. I share folders and files in a mixed Mac / PC environment and when when different users (mostly PC users) edit or change attachments within the document the file creates a conflicts that then have to be manually fixed. It doesn't always happen but is frequent enough that it has been a problem. A second, possibly related issue is that newer files are fr
  6. Some of my notes have images that cannot be resized. Instead of being able to grab the corners I get a magnifying glass. Very inconsistent. Behavior. Also having lots of issues with images not being able to be edited and saved when opening externally in preview. It used to work fine. :-(
  7. Downloaded 7.10 beta and still having copy/paste issues. Paste by command V does not work but paste and match style by the menu does work...... Pretty frustrating.
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