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  1. No - this isn't possible any more. Exporting individual notes is still there with the 3 dots but exporting a notebook is not. Also related to this is the extremely annoying downgrade where you can no longer create shared notebooks. You can share individual files but the share a notebook feature is no longer present in the newest Evernote. This still works in older version as well as iOS.
  2. I totally agree with all these comments. The lack of back-up options is VERY bad and makes me very nervous to trust my data. I for one will be looking for other options if this isn't fixed soon .....
  3. Long time user (10+ years) here as well. I've had "conflicting changes" problems for many years now despite the fact that this is a 4 year old thread so the problem hasn't gone away. Most of the problems I see are in files within shared folders. I share folders and files in a mixed Mac / PC environment and when when different users (mostly PC users) edit or change attachments within the document the file creates a conflicts that then have to be manually fixed. It doesn't always happen but is frequent enough that it has been a problem. A second, possibly related issue is that newer files are fr
  4. Some of my notes have images that cannot be resized. Instead of being able to grab the corners I get a magnifying glass. Very inconsistent. Behavior. Also having lots of issues with images not being able to be edited and saved when opening externally in preview. It used to work fine. :-(
  5. Downloaded 7.10 beta and still having copy/paste issues. Paste by command V does not work but paste and match style by the menu does work...... Pretty frustrating.
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