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  1. I also have had a problem with the mobile app taking document pictures. The problem has persisted for a month or more. The processing of the photo to correct the color and orientation is taking a long time and draining the battery. Something must have broken in the software. It used to work great. I am using a Pixel XL running Android 9.
  2. Great that Evernote supports 2-factor authentication via Google authenticator. What about support for the Fido U2F keys, such as from Yubico? Far more convenient way to get 2-factor authentication!
  3. I appreciate the tips -- but links (internal and external) must be a regular feature of Evernote, regardless of the product version. We live in a linked world. This is not Microsoft! I am going to revert to the old version until this one catches up.
  4. Evernote needs to add Yubikey FIDO 2UF support to the 2-factor-authentication options please.
  5. Yes, it appeared to install correctly. I got the pop-up tutorial that I get every other time I install it. I downloaded the CRX file and dragged it to the Chrome/extensions. All appeared to do well. I checked it was on the extensions list and enabled. The puzzle piece icon was on the top of my Chrome page, where I usually see the Evernote elephant and all my other extensions. I have gone back to using the regular web clipper because I enjoy it for other uses, even if it will not work with gmail. So I cannot show you a useful screen clip. Is there a chance of a conflict with other extensions? I had trouble with new MetroTab, and had to re-install Chrome on one machine to get rid of it. I use Lastpass, Chromecast, Feedly, Pandexio, JetBlue, and The Great Suspender extensions. Might one of them conflict?
  6. 1. I think the web clipper is a wonderful tool 2. I loved the clip from Gmail function when it worked originally. Maybe needed some tweaks. But helpful part of my daily workflow. 3. I am pleased Evernote is paying attention to this issue with the clipper 4. However this beta did not work for me. Windows 7, Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m. Seemed to load fine. I restarted Chrome. It shows as enabled. But I get the puzzle-piece icon for the Evernote web clipper and it does not work for me. Please keep at this! You had it working before. I hope this is not a case of Google throwing curve balls at Evernote! Support of Keep?
  7. Lack of Android support for Moleskine for this long really sucks. I can see a lag of a month or so, but this delay makes me wonder about Evernote's commitment to their new products. I wish there was a notification service to which we can subscribe to see when the product is ready. I keep scanning upgrade notes looking for some mention, but so far nothing, and it might not even show if it is a stand-alone app.
  8. +1 for Android support for Moleskines! The delay is appalling.
  9. I am very disappointed with Evernote's billing policies and practices. The subscription default is for automatic renewal and Evernote never sent me a warning saying my renewal point was approaching and I would be automatically renewed. I did get an email saying my renewal payment was processed after the fact, and I had no opportunity to undo that. Your product is fine, but overkill for what I need. I did not want to renew. But your billing practices are like those of AT&T Wireless -- designed for the company rather than the user. I have written Evernote to complain, request a refund, or even just get a description about why their billing policies are so draconian. No reaction from Evernote. Come on. Get with the Web 2.0 community strategy. Your users are supposed to be your friends. Maybe I would have been a candidate for an Evernote "light" version sometime later. Now I cannot wear you T-shirt anymore, and will have to use it to wash the car.
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