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  1. I also have had a problem with the mobile app taking document pictures. The problem has persisted for a month or more. The processing of the photo to correct the color and orientation is taking a long time and draining the battery. Something must have broken in the software. It used to work great. I am using a Pixel XL running Android 9.
  2. Great that Evernote supports 2-factor authentication via Google authenticator. What about support for the Fido U2F keys, such as from Yubico? Far more convenient way to get 2-factor authentication!
  3. I appreciate the tips -- but links (internal and external) must be a regular feature of Evernote, regardless of the product version. We live in a linked world. This is not Microsoft! I am going to revert to the old version until this one catches up.
  4. Yes, it appeared to install correctly. I got the pop-up tutorial that I get every other time I install it. I downloaded the CRX file and dragged it to the Chrome/extensions. All appeared to do well. I checked it was on the extensions list and enabled. The puzzle piece icon was on the top of my Chrome page, where I usually see the Evernote elephant and all my other extensions. I have gone back to using the regular web clipper because I enjoy it for other uses, even if it will not work with gmail. So I cannot show you a useful screen clip. Is there a chance of a conflict with other extensions? I had trouble with new MetroTab, and had to re-install Chrome on one machine to get rid of it. I use Lastpass, Chromecast, Feedly, Pandexio, JetBlue, and The Great Suspender extensions. Might one of them conflict?
  5. 1. I think the web clipper is a wonderful tool 2. I loved the clip from Gmail function when it worked originally. Maybe needed some tweaks. But helpful part of my daily workflow. 3. I am pleased Evernote is paying attention to this issue with the clipper 4. However this beta did not work for me. Windows 7, Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m. Seemed to load fine. I restarted Chrome. It shows as enabled. But I get the puzzle-piece icon for the Evernote web clipper and it does not work for me. Please keep at this! You had it working before. I hope this is not a case of Google throwing curve balls at Evernote! Support of Keep?
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