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  1. Do you feel this is something that a premium customer who pays a significant amount yearly should have to do? That is the main issue in my opinion. It's shocking.
  2. I know exactly how you feel. I can't believe I paid for this crapp. I'm testing another option now. Not easy getting 22k notes off.
  3. I'm genuinely happy that you have had a positive experience. For me, Evernote is simply unusable on Android for the reasons, and more, stated above. Desktop versions are still to slow. I'm off elsewhere. There are cheaper and more reliable services out there.
  4. Thanks Koki, I really appreciate the advice. I've given up the ghost. I've tried sooo many things that just continually fail. This is abysmal service for something I invested in. I'm already planning my exit strategy. Thanks.
  5. It is simply not good enough. I didn't pay premium to help Evernote resolve a plethora of bugs. I will not be resubscribing. I'm testing other options. The product is awful. Did I also mention, the desktop app also lages significantly. Never thought I would request installing an earlier version? Funny.
  6. I've reported 4 bugs so far. It's just unusable. Over 21K notes, premium member for many years. I simply can't use it anymore from Android. Switched to Google Keep, far more reliable. I 100% won't renew.
  7. I wish I knew. Everyday I encounter a new bug. Today, when I clip on Android, and Evernote has not been opened, Evernote opens and nothing happens? I have to re-clip to get the prompt box open. Nuts!
  8. So not solved. Yes, I have reported the bugs. It's unbelievable how unusable this app has become! Very frustrating.
  9. Where to start? Soo many bugs. A super letdown. Terrible development. Here goes. When launching my android app - it pauses for 10 seconds saying the app is 'setting up' - This happens everytime! When clipping from an web article or similar, Evernote launches, usual hang for 10 seconds on the 'Setting up' Splash screen' the web clipper box appears. The best part, TAGS are inherited from the last clip and there is no 'x' to remove them. You have to physcially select add tags, find the tags that you want to remove and uncheck the box. Nuts! Super poor UI. Finally and by no means least. Images don't appear in Evernote Android from the note screen. In the preview screen you see the thumbnail. When you acces the note an error is displayed next to an image file that says image can't be displayed? The web version / windows version displays the image not problem. This is very, very poor. The android app unusable! Awful. The old version was poor but soo much better than this pile of buggy *****!
  10. So in agreement. Really, really slow. Shocking.
  11. Aside for being able to configure tables in the new version it's a pretty useless upgrade. Waste of time. As a premium user for many years it's safe to say that Evernote is well behind the curve. I've regularly looking at alternatives.
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