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  1. I share exactly the same concerns as stated above. I do see wider value in EN beyond Penultimate but need to be confident that my note taking app will integrate effectively into EN without any need to pull the notes up into the EN. Think it's time to start exploring the alternatives.
  2. Thanks for both of your responses. I've tried hanging on in Settings for 20 seconds until the blue light goes out and then returned to Penultimate with no success. Actually think I've got a faulty pen.
  3. Afraid this approach didn't work for me. Just to check this is what i did: 1) goto bluetooth settings and switch off Bluetooth 2) switch it back on 3) switch on pen (blue flashing) 4) wait... nothing changed - no green light, nothing. I can make the light go green by double clicking the pen switch but it goes off quickly and still doesn't connect.
  4. The penultimate writing experience continues to improve. The stylised ink is more attractive and the speed of capture is getting better - could be faster though. The app still needs significant improvements in both file structure (better replicating Evernote's - perhaps even importing the Evernote structure) and security. How long before we can have touch ID!? I (like many I imagine) use this as a business tool and need to keep notes secure - typing the code in in front of clients requires a moment of mistrust between us!
  5. I have been having the same problem since I received my JS2 just after it was released. Pizza Fiend's recommendations above have worked a couple of times but not consistently. Had a lot of contact with Evernote support who ended up refunding the JS2 blaming faulty hardware in the stylus for the problem. I had a feeling this might be a little more widespread than they suggested. The stylus could still be used without the bluetooth connection and performed relatively OK as long as no other part of your hand came in contact with the iPad - so it works OK in the drift box but not much good for note taking/sketching without the drift box. I'd love to hear if someone found a more permanent solution to the issue.
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