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  1. Joplin cannot OCR reliably PDFs (like Evernote legacy did) and due to single DB replicated to mobile isn't best solution for HUGE pile of data, BUT is perfect if you consider formatted text data, with speed superior to Evernote v10, provides unlimited nesting of folders and backups retain unique identifiers (as opposed to Evernote backups - links no longer works after restoring from backup!). I use both Joplin and Evernote Legacy in paralel, but most of my new text entries go to Joplin, while attachment-heavy dumps go to Evernote.
  2. I am happy that Evernote recently solved system-wide bug of hardcoded keyboard conflict with default keybind in my language (and serveral others); but I still do consider Evernote v10 inferior product compared to Evernote Legacy. I am using Joplin (for text notes) alongside with Evernote (for media-rich archiving), unfortunately most options available are inferior to Evernote Legacy.
  3. Unnoticed the same problem with Evernote v10; Evernote (lecacy) html notes are sometimes non-editable blocks of text while edited on Evernote v10.
  4. First of all, there are TWO desktop OneNote Apps, free dumbed down OneNote for Windows 10 that is tied to OneDrive and OneNote 2016 tied to paid Office 365 subscription. Different apps, different feature set. First app is very similar to Evernote v10...
  5. of course I did install the legacy product soon after I encountered a bug that made using EV v10 impossible in several non-US locale, including Polish, Latvian, Turkish and US-International. Imagine after installing Evernote on your PC, you cannot type text in ANY app because every time you enter letter V, your systems hangs. They solve this bug in version 10.8.4. After 4 months of pretending this issue doesn't exist.
  6. being EN user since 2009 I never felt the need to express myself on forum, until I was deceived by "upgrade" in November 2020 and my Evernote v6 become Evernote v10. If only I know what kind of downgrade it is, I would never "upgrade".
  7. true, lazy programming is near future, AI programming in the future - we may soon return to potato-capable apps
  8. In addition to Joplin's build-in MarkDown editor that you can extend with external editors of your choice (I use Typora when external note window is necessary) - I am not aware about similar concept within Evernote. Not to mention Joplin's browser addon (natives for chrome- and FF-based) is IMHO superior to Evernote's, especially if you transition from HTML-based notes to MarkDown-based.
  9. może masz na myśli konflikt Alt-Gray+N (czyli "ń") z New Window (CTRL-ALT+N) - ale ten skrót na szczęście da się wyłączyć.
  10. As default action, Alt-Grey+N (instead of "n accent"- ń) as default on PL-PL keyboard) open NEW Evernote window in v10.8.4 but fortunately this shortcut CAN be disabled.
  11. Yes, with version 10.8.4 they finally solved bug they created in November 2020 in v10.0.0 Is there any logic behind hiding key customization very deep inside HELP sub-menu related to shortcuts? If I didn't read here it is solved somewhere, I wound't even search there, as PREFERENCES is still empty.
  12. yes, unfortunately even if alternative is much better than Evernote v10, most are inferior to legacy Evernote. My personal choice is Joplin but it is not suitable for attachment-heavy (text is its intended purpose).
  13. in my perception, EN is focusing on "features" nobody asked, but that will, in theory, convert a portion of casual user base into paid subscription - like the new "home" nobody asked, that is not-configurable unless you have paid subscription... In my perception current activity is cash grab and transition form power-user app into casual user base.
  14. Legacy is faster, more stable and has more features. No reason to choose v10 over v6.x so far, even if they solve system-wide keyboard conflict with several keyboard layouts (PL-PL included, I am the victim). New Android app is a performance disaster too - before I switched form 3 years old flagship to this year's flagship (with 12GB of RAM and newest CPU) I could barely use it, not to mention 30s wait on app start.
  15. Latest Evernote greeted me with blank (white) screen and non-functional menu. I already lost hope they will solve issue anytime soon. I wonder how many developers they are currently employing, but not fixing app-breaking bug is not a way to go in a long run.
  16. if Evernote choose to ignore you, you may hit them where it hurts the most: their wallet - I did the same, because I do not like being treated like second class user.
  17. I wonder if Evernote team has so limited dev capacity, why are they introducing features nobody asked for like new HOME (definitively aimed for upsell due to limitation of HOME for free users) instead of removing bugs that makes Evernote completely unusable for minority of users?
  18. I removed clutter tag as well, by periodically organizing my tags into tree structure. Evernote Legacy enables mass move of nested tag using SHIFT-click, CTRL-click and drag&drop. Mass editing nested tags in Evernote v10 close to non-existing.
  19. Evernote v10.5.7 still has maximum note selection limit of 50 items (so it results in no mass export of more than 50 notes in a notebook), no folder import automation, no tree tag editor with mass selection and drag-and-drop capability to mass-move tags, still no ability to disable hardcoded keybindings (I don't like AutoHotKey workaround, and it is considered a cheating software by serveral games I play - I don't want to get banned). Evernote v10 is still a downgrade compared to Evernote v6.25, I see no reason to chose v10 over v6.25. v10.5.7 is a step in a good direction compared t
  20. Roam Research - słyszałem o nim wiele razy, to zupełnie inne zwierzę, z ogólnego opisu to dla mnie to hybryda hierarchicznego tree-pad'a z MindMap'ą (osobiście używam SimpleMind'a od kiedy FreeMind przestał być rozwijany); linki da się robić i w Evernote i w Joplin'ie; sam linkowałem mindmap'y w FreeMind dobrych piętnaście lat temu. Dzięki za sugestię, przyjrzę się bardziej Roam Research, widzę że jest drogo, ale mają 30-dniowy trial.
  21. Polecam ten wątek, tu jest bardzo obszerne porównanie alternatyw Evernote Notion zaciąga dane z Evernote ale to inna kategoria narzędzia, bardziej nastawiona na budowę WIKI niż notatek Nimbus zainstalowałem, potrafi zaciągnąć z Evenote, w zasadzie nie ma się do czego przyczepić poza drobiazgami typu brak możliwości wybrania formatu daty (tylko narzucone wynikającego z locale), ale to apka BARDZO porównywalna z NOWYM Evernote v10
  22. Joplin team is so fast, it takes hours to patch an issue, not weeks (like in case of Evernote); I use Joplin for new NOTES as well, but for HTML dumps (like grabbing current state of web page - my job consist of IT sales so I have to grab a lot of public tender pages etc) I still use Evernote, because I can dump there more MBs compared to Joplin.
  23. I am not claiming my money back because I use Evernote Legacy, till it syncs, I see no reason to ask for compensation/reimboursment. I really liked "old" Evernote app and service since I started using it in 2009 on PocketPC (Windows Mobile 5 and 6) and PC.
  24. I have no problem with Evenote using aggresive marketing strategy to gain new type of causal user, but I find it funny / not professional that they were advertising Evenote to Polish users in Polish after v10 premiere, while V10 is USELESS / NOT READY for Polish market due to conflict of hardcoded key bindings with default PL-PL keyboard. You may think twice before you start advertising a product that is useless for a certain market and ALL you can get is complaints and user frustration.
  25. Testy alfy/bety trwały 1,5 roku. Problem już wtedy był komunikowany Evenote. Problem skrótów klawiszowych w konflikcie do wielu standardowych klawiatur jest od oficjalnej premiery Evernote v10 na początku listopada 2020, czyli już trzeci miesiąc. Efektem używam Evernote Legacy, rozglądam się za alternatywą (na tę chwilę typem jest Joplin) i co parę tygodni odpalam na kilka minut Evernote v10 by znów stwierdzić że nie było warto. Evernote development v10 started 1,5 year ago, I am aware many people complained during beta but were ignored; this issue is persistent sinve V10 debuted in Novem
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