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  1. I realley need to change the general options, but... its impossible!! really? new version lacks of huge stuff.. i cant believe that this was released
  2. Please!! bring evernote back!! the new version is a joke!

  3. Es terrrible, no lo podía creer!! es totalmente inusable... estoy apunto de bajar mi suscripción premium
  4. After 7 years of love, i have my heart cracked... this version ***** my work effort.. I can´t believe this new version... worst ever
  5. I have tried but i can't export all the attachments, ¿do you know how?
  6. i can´t believe it! my attachments went crazy and all the notes fell apart my attachments went crazy my attachments went crazy
  7. DARK MODE!! DARK MODE!! COME ON!!! 2020!! we really need this
  8. Now i can access my account but it doesn't sync.. It's so annoying... COME ON EVERNOTE!! the windows client sucks! you know it
  9. I have the same fucfsdfge problem for the last 2 days!! i tried everything but i cant fix it!!! wtf evernote!! (im premium user)
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