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Cmd+T doesn't open a new tab in the browser, when ...

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It is not nice when a web app breaks the standard keyboard commandos for the browser

Normally: Cmd+T  or strg+T  opens a new tab in a browser

Evernote in the Browser: 
When you edit a note (no text selected) = nothing 
When you edit a note and text is selected = text is striked out

Great work guys (Edit: EN- Software-Devs)  11!!

I am on the newest Evernote Web Client
Windows, Vivaldi Browser (Chrome-Engine)

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Hi.  We're mainly other users around here.  If you're venting,  you're in the wrong place - try feedback@evernote.com.

If you are looking for help,  there's a page listing shortcuts here - which throws in a link to a "how to customize" page which may help you.

If you need more - maybe mention your device OS and browser next time?

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Sorry @gazumped it was not about people in the forum. 
It was more aimed at Evernote Software-Devs. 
I tend to vent on a day with four SW/PC problems with "it worked before, why not now?" then taking two hours to only fix 2. 
Then Evernote stopped syncing. 

I am on Vivaldi, which is Chrome based. Have you been in editing mode of a Note and then strg+T (the german cmd key) and it opened a new Tab?

The page  "how to customize" page 
is for the PC/Mac Program, does it translate to the Web App? I had to try tonight


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6 hours ago, Angry said:

Have you been in editing mode of a Note and then strg+T (the german cmd key) and it opened a new Tab?

Yes - double-checked just now. Editing a note in Chrome and then press Cmd-T and it opens a new tab. Keyboard is US-EN -- which is, admittedly, probably way more tested against. I've seen an issue with the Polish keyboard for something (can't remember what) and DVORAK orientation vs QWERTY -- so can definitely see there being some cross-wires somewhere especially since strg+T works for you in other sites just fine.

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