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  1. Prophat's post in HELP Needed. Had to EXPORT the notes from local notebook "Conflicting Changes" because of upgrade. Now that I've IMPORTED them into "INBOX," How do I find them since I don't know the names of the notes??? was marked as the answer   
    @PinkElephant @s2sailor @CalS 
    OK my friends... I figured out how to do it. It's a tedious thing... but thank god it's only 6 notes. I went into that new IMPORTED notebook and copied the title of one note in there and then searched that title in all of notes. Found 3. One in the notebook it should exist in. One in the IMPORTED notebook. And... One in the INBOX. 

    I can now manually go through all 6 notes for the same process and delete all duplicates. 

    Thanks all for chiming in to help! Again, I appreciate it.

    I'll search the forum here to see if anyone else had/has a solution to get to the dang Create Ticket / Live Chat thing...  working in the scenario I'm dealing with now for it. Such a moronic issue. 
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