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  1. 1) The giant ugly (even uglier in mojave) share button needs to go. 2) the old icons - reminder etc etc need to come back 3) the option to turn OFF dark mode (entirely) should be there 4) how can i put my reminders and note headers in the same column again... the reminders become useless since they are in a tab now.
  2. Premium subscription as well..... Your issue has been assigned support ticket #2414762 let see if they bother to update us in this thread...
  3. +1 in the past month or so this appeared... really frustrating.. i cant even copy from one note to another.... without gettin .  instead of space. and ya i dont want to remove formatting - its there for a reason. any idea when you're going to fix this? Version 6.13.1 (455786 App Store) mac os 10.13.3 (17D47)
  4. +1 .. please give us more colours... yellow is not enough. and its really pale.
  5. Ok - reinstalled as per the instructions.... and now the note is back to being unedittable.....
  6. So, it's happening today again (coincidentally on the same note)... i'm slowly noting 'what' symptoms there are, other than the 'no I cursor' and beep sound for no edit. Today i closed evernote - and reopened (it was updated to the latest version via the app store yesterday). and a reboot twice yesterday - also a co-incidence. this SAME note was working fine hours earlier today. when i 'select all' to try to possibly copy out the note info to create a new note - i notice it highlights all of the note AND all of the SUBJECT (title whatever you want to call that bar)..... ??? normally copy all highlights the note body itself. (i DID click in the body of the note before ctrl-a) I'm still completely stumped - but unfortunately every time this happens it's to a WORK critical note that i don't have time to troubleshoot (can't happen to an old recipe - no that'd be too easy ) After - in the span of typing this post -- the note 'frees itself' and starts behaving normally. all i did was go back to evernote while typing this post. This is exceptionally frustrating. When i have time i'll try a reinstall...
  7. Version 6.4 (452971 App Store) This has happened several times now -- i cannot find the issue. I note will just decide its not editable... i get the error beep when i click ANYWHERE in the note... sometimes it's fixed by removing formatting... (which i'd rather NOT do consdering all the work i did to ADD the formatting). If i log in to evernote Web version - i can edit the note... but i'd rather NOT do it there.. even after closing evernote - re-opening, syncing still the note is locked... i get no helpful error message... nothing but the stupid error beep. And i get no cursor I .... also it fixed itself - let me edit for a min... a min later - no more editing.. please help. thanks cb
  8. evernote assumes i have a linkedin account.. i dont -- i dont need one - not going to get one. I'm scanning them for personal use - not business. (contractors, doctors, local artists, stores, restaurants... etc etc) how do i turn off the request to link with linkedin everytime i scan a business card? ciara
  9. Version 6.4 (452971 App Store) evernote told me yesterday i am close to expiry in 7 days... fine... ok... its set to auto renew the premium.... so next day, same *****... i click the 'renew' button which sends me to a page but not a renewal. i finally log in to evennote web version - and renew manually early -- ... no receipt emailed - no acknowledgement of payment emailed - nothing (very unprofessional) - thankfully i clipped the confirmation page. later i logged back in to the web version and printed the receipt from the billing area. fast forward 6 hours... and AGAIN the stupid app is asking me to renew. how do i get it to stop asking me to renew...???
  10. So now 6.1.1 doesn't EVER save column positions.. forget searching... even after you fix it - the next time you open evernote its moved them smaller again... how do i get it to memorize column positions??? are you EVER gonna FIX the bugs instead of releasing NEW features that break more things???
  11. this is now over a year old thread - and STILL we premium PAYING users are being advertised to. On my android - constant pop ups for business evernote. I get it - you have a business version - i clicked the X - i'm NOT interested!! get the hint! on my ios - you want me to do Work Chat -ONCE again - i click the x - I'M NOT INTERESTED. This service isn't 10/ year... its pretty expensive - STOP ADVERTISING TO YOUR PAID SUBSCRIBERS PLEASE.
  12. just did the latest update -- Version 6.0.14 (451777 App Store) did you change the font for the side bar?? its almost unreadable -- its so light it looks broken up... and its WAY too small..... is there a way we can change this (not everyone using evernote is 19 years with perfect eyesight) thanks
  13. phew - thanks is this check box avail on the ipad version? thanks
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