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  1. I was doing the 'as needed' but honestly - when it comes to several devices this wasn't working. for example i have a Mac, Win10, Android, Lenovo Yoga book (older android) and Ipad (which is always darnwell updating its database for some reason). so while i can see ok on mac and wins, the android ones are not so easy .. and it totally messes up the notes.. so i have to then go FIND it on mac or Win version and then fix it.. wait for sync then view it on android.. a total pita. for the same reason - back dating b4 v10 is not doable -- as i'd be doing that over 5 versions and the db's are already converted. thanks
  2. so a few versions back - in a huge update - evernote started treating webclips ... differently.. boxing them in html in evernote - rather than editable docs. now i have 13k notes -- majority of them is web clips (recipes, how-to's, craft patterns)... typically i edit them to add check boxes (ie what row i knit), bullets etc... and in the original clipped format (pre html addition) they were easily readable on all devices.. now .. its a boxed html.. not editable .. and frankly a mess. now i know i can go to EACH and EVERY note and hit simplify etc. the issue with this is - well 13000 notes..and secondly it REDATES every single note i 'edit' to make editable. is there a way to turn off this "feature" of showing all my webclips in html? from the past 7 month or so going forward i have been clipping in 'simplified' where possible - but that doesnt fix the past broken notes. tia
  3. several updates later this continues to be an issue - at least on win 10 now it sorts .. waits a few sec and reverts to by date (my fav is when it resorts while you're trying to edit the note.. fun stuff) I was sorting by name. any plans on.. Fixing this evernote?? version 10.22.3-win-ddl-public (2958) Editor: v132.1.16932 Service: v1.40.3
  4. as someone here suggested - i disconnected google and google drive (which also disconnected google calendar) in connected services. and no error on reconnect from within evernote. at that point evernote asked which calendars i wanted. (they may want to check in to that) . thanks people
  5. same -- connected 4 times.. and ONLY cause the stupid app keeps bugging me to do so.. i get it you have integration - you only need to tell me once. anyways.. i connected -- i know it worked as i get an alert email from google saying new connection. but in evernote.. nada zip zilch and in evernote - now the widget changed to "connect to google calendar" instead of a blank daily planner
  6. ver 10.10.15.win.ddl.public (2487) These search results should be sorted by date - but well 2012 does not come after 2013.... then tried to sort by location (notebook - you should REALLY call it notebook... !) .. and ZERO response from the app. choosing by title sorts but that lil arrow NEVER moves to the chosen sort column. (also i cannot seem to search WITHIN a notebook anymore) - choose the note book stack.. search -- STILL searches all 12000 notes.. 1085 found.. and i cant ... sort.. this is basic.. please stop adding new features and breaking basic, required tools.
  7. It has inexplicably started working as it used to.. even on the browser i didn't reinstall the clipper on. so it was clearly on evernote's end. re corrupted - it (i think) would have to be corrupted on 2 laptops and 3 devices. i doubt it was that since it fixed itself. (unless it syncs that too as hidden data).
  8. ok.. update ... i removed .. and reinstalled the clipper in opera in win 10.. as a test i had just clipped a scarf and sent it to scarves notebook.. previously if i tried to clip similar .. it would say Hey that's scarves. ok so reinstalled.. tried to clip .. nope MISC. so reinstalling is fail. can evernote support respond please?
  9. i thank you for your post.. i will try that and to evernote : i pay a pretty penny annually for evernote not to have to do ***** like this. just to voice my dissatisfaction (not to you but to evennote ) at the updates that seem to be not even based on any user input just some developer whim. I know i didn't ask for home page, or to have to constantly to go to file quit to get notes to show... etc. and now to have to reinstall it across (for me ) 8 browsers
  10. hi, as i said above. i have tested on both my mac os catalina AND my win 10 browsers. all of them no longer use the AI that picks a proper notebook case in point --- this is on my mac - opera. it used to send this kind of clip to Tech notes.. now .. Misc (default) only. smart filing IS on. but doesn't work since these last versions of evernote.
  11. i don't know what this feature is called.. but i did use it very much. now all clips are sent to MISC. every browser so far i tested -- opera, firefox, (both win 10 AND mac os catalina) safari, everything goes to Misc. .. like the ai is completely broken. since the previous to this update (this one didnt fix). ??
  12. i like the widgets. but i was surprised to see the limitation in sizing them.. for example i want to pin a note that bullet points i use daily ... they're not wide.. i have a choice of a sqaure... or 2 wide rectangles?? whereas i wanted to just drag the square longer to make like a memopad length to show it all. sad that i cannot do that. it's a good start.. but not wholly all that useful as it stands right now.
  13. this is happening on my mac too.. again i had to evernote menu >> quit. versus X or cmd q.. and restart to fix.
  14. how is this solved. i'm still getting a daily annoucement of lack of update. evernotes "congratulations -nothing happened" popup.. #2021 ??
  15. i have this same issue -- in fact it won't even show me the version i'm - that's blank too. but i do know i JUST installed it on a new laptop 3 days ago. and its fully synced etc (i miss the sync button to force that) screenshot - pop up is supposed to be the version info also closing and restarting doesn't fix. frustrating as heck especially after you renewed my yearly sub without even notifying me. win 10 however, i did try what dawdillon says above. file quit instead of the X = and it recovered my notes.. BUT they should be the same thing.. quit and X should accomplish the same act.
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