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  1. feel free to migrate to another much better solution. I gave up evernote and use something different since a few weeks. evernote has become unusable. not only because of the missing preferences but also of strange new editing concept which is reducing the efficient work.
  2. Hi Rogbar, thanks for your comment. Have you been able to migrate your notes smoothly? This is the biggest hurdle to migrate to another tool, I guess. I had already tested "Boostnote" and if Evernote will not improve, will migrate to this tool (in combination with a cloud service, because I need it synced with another device). Best wishes PS: I good feedback from Evernote support. They claim that some missing features would be included in the future. But then, this is new version is not even a beta version, it is an alpha version, isn't it? Quite bold to introduce such a premature update then.
  3. Thanks for pointing to the legacy version. I have now reinstalled the old version and deleted the crappy new version.
  4. Thanks! I have checked this but there are several "Evernote Helpers": 4569 ?? 0:04.35 Evernote 4572 ?? 0:00.96 Evernote Helper (GPU) 4573 ?? 0:00.38 Evernote Helper 4575 ?? 0:02.45 Evernote Helper (Renderer) 4591 ?? 0:04.32 Evernote Helper (Renderer) Killing the simple "Evernote Helper" or the "Evernote Helper (GPU)" simply causes that these Helpers are restated automatically as a new process. Killing the "Renderer Helper" crashes the complete Evernote app. Moreover does it remove the icon from the menubar. 😒
  5. Hello, since last update, the elephant icon of Evernote is sitting in my menubar. I neither need nor use it there. But there is not option to remove it. Apps should come with such an option. Is there a way to remove it from the menubar or is it planned to include such option to the Evernote preferences? Thanks
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