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  1. Oh, you must have 2 cells, I only have one. So why doesn't the web version count as one if the desktop does? Strange.
  2. I know how stressful it is. I decided to use the desktop version & I have to say I think I'm going to stick with it. I'll keep the web version up just to do a quick search or keep it on one note that I need to copy links from, but the desktop version is actually faster, it flies compared to the web version, I just had to get used to it a bit b/c creating a new note opens in a new window. I'm not going to open Fx just for Evernote. My computer already can't handle the numerous Chrome windows/tabs I have open, plus TB, Word, Excel, notepads, & the list goes on LOL Please let us know if they ever fix it. Did you contact them on Twitter to complain?
  3. Sorry for the delay. I'm sorry, I never kept the URL to the article about Evernote, you can just do a search & hopefully it will show up. Yes I'm on Chrome, I stopped using Fx a few months ago after giving it my dedication since around 2000. If you mean the new interface with nested tags, forget it for me. I clicked on that last year & couldn't figure out how to work Evernote or get it back to the regular way it looks & nearly had a heart attack LOL Thank gawd someone from here helped me. If you mean something else, please LMK. I've tried to look for other alternatives before & didn't get very far before I had to do something else. It's not that I want to leave, but the fact that they ALWAYS have these issues every few months is very stressful.
  4. I couldn't find the link to this thread I just redid my entire Thunderbird, so I have no access to my previous mail right now. It's STILL happening. I am using the desktop version, but then I'm concerned about syncing. Which takes precedence. Let's say I change one thing on the cloud & then something else on the desktop, how do they sync up properly? As it is right now I wasn't able to do work & was getting very upset. I contacted them on FB, I suggest you do the same. Someone else there was charged for the paid version & they aren't even giving him ACCESS to the paid version b/c they are just ignoring him. If anyone finds another solution where we can export all our notes, I'm all ears. This is too stressful for me & the company is not doing well. I read a report on their business behind the scenes. Good luck
  5. Hi, This is for the cloud version. I've been having this issue now for the last 2 days & it's happened before : ( I scroll down where all the notes are located (not the notebook names) & the notes disappear. I scroll back up & one or two show up & the rest are missing. I need to get access to my notes Help please. Thank you
  6. So I just rebooted my computer a few hours ago & it's STILL not working properly I tweeted them.
  7. It's still not working for me, although I haven't had a chance to reboot yet. I am on Chrome, but I don't want to use Fx b/c most sites don't work on Fx anymore. I used to be a die hard loyal Fx user until I started having problem after problem (I still do), so I use Chrome for 99% of my sites now.
  8. Hi Gazumped, So the status page is for what exactly? This one issue or just to check how Evernote is doing on a day by day basis? Well maybe this issue is part of what I've been experiencing for months now where I go into a notebook & there's nothing there. I have to constantly refresh to try & see anything. 'm often the only one who experiences issues with companies, sites, etc. Then it takes days, weeks or months for others to notice it <sigh>. I hope they fix it soon. Thanks
  9. So this seems to be an ongoing problem with Evernote that started around December or even before around 6 months ago. It doesn't happen every day, but it's happening enough that it's getting VERY frustrating & stressful for me. Now when I go into a notebook & look for my notes, either the entire notebook is empty, or when I scroll down, about 75% of the notes disappear as I'm scrolling down. I've refreshed numerous times, signed in & out & it's been ongoing for min. 3-4 hours now. I can't do work & who knows when it's going to end. If there's maintenance going on, I think there should be a HUGE notice on the site when I log in. About a week or so ago I couldn't even log in, Evernote told me my login was wrong & it scared me to death. After 2 hours it self corrected, so I assume it was maintenance, so why not just TELL US??? And NO, I don't want to use my desktop version (if the web version is this bad then why even have it?) & there's nothing wrong with my computer or browser.
  10. I'm not most users. I know how to log into sites LOL It was clearly an issue on Evernote's end. Thanks
  11. No need to respond back, it finally showed up. Took almost 30 mins. though Thanks
  12. Hi, I use the web version (please don't tell me to switch to the desktop version) & ALL of my content is gone I'm very upset. And I can see it in the desktop version. This is not the first time I've had this issue. I've logged out & refreshed more times than I can count
  13. Hi Amanda,


    Are there any deals for upgrading from basic to the next level up?

    Also, once again I'm having issues with my web based Evernote. ALL of my content is gone. This isn't the first time this has happened :(

  14. As I stated, I prefer the web version. Even if I used the PC version & then highlighted, would I even see it in the cloud version?
  15. I have that, but never use it. I don't understand why it's not available on the cloud version. Can someone explain this to me pls.
  16. What do you mean the old one? So even the new version doesn't have this? I call it the cloud version. What other version is there other than the PC or the app on the cell which does very little?
  17. I don't understand, only Macers get this feature??? Here's mine & I'm a PC http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1580181/a5e7c652f47f6d5b96e4df2376ea048d
  18. Ok, can you show me what the icon looks like b/c I still don't see anything that looks like a highlight icon & I've also moused over everything, This is for regular computer via the cloud.
  19. Hi there, Is there no way to highlight text within a note? I'm surprised there isn't that option in the editor. Thanks
  20. I'm actually surprised this isn't available in the text editor. So text in my notes stand out. Thanks
  21. Oh thank gawd I'm back to the normal one. LOL Another note if anyone in development is reading this: When I created a new note by accident (I find those button icons on the left panel way to easy to click on by accident), there was no way to delete the note. I had to literally hit my browser's back button just to get back to the regular dashboard. Thanks a ton gazumped.
  22. Hi, I shouldn't have clicked on the "try out our new version" button, as it made it seem like I could go back to the old version & I see no way to do that. I don't like the new version. It's not highlighting words I find. It did the first time, but when I hit the backspace button I have no idea what it backspaced & now it doesn't work. And when it pulls up a note, I can't get to my notebooks easily like I could on the other version. I have to click a button instead of just being able to scroll down. Also the x to delete the kw I'm searching for isn't there anymore or it's so light I can't see it. I need to do things quickly, I can't sit here & re-learn the software from scratch. How do I get back? Thanks
  23. It NEVER ceases to amaze me, that the worst software or sites out there are the MOST popular. I can list off several off the top of my head. I'm not a programmer, but I'm a netrepreneur, & so I know how applications are supposed to work. In this case missing entries isn't a good sign & the fact that I have to click twice into a note before it allows me to copy (I complained about this when I first started with EN) clearly tells me there is something wrong. I know there's a lot of die hard followers here who LOVE EN. I learned that the first time I tried to post a thread & my entire thread labeled as spam or something & got deleted for no reason (didn't say a negative word about EN, only asked about their search function that wasn't working properly.) When I finally tracked down a manager, he apologized & they didn't even have a record of my thread so I could prove there was nothing wrong with it. Just saying, that first instance always left a bad taste in my mouth, but I've tried to remain open.
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