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  1. I was never told to wait a specific amount of time. I was very patient with them, but whenever I did get a response, it went nowhere. And today's e-mail just said we aren't answering you (gave no reason why). That's not support IMO. As for OneNote, that's not free is it? I need something where the search is very accurate. I need to be able to search the entire DB of notes by a single word, 2 words together, etc. Does anyone know if One note does that & how similar it is to Evernote? Thanks
  2. I agree, Evernote's support is terrible AND now I'm thinking twice about whether I want to even pay for Premium because of how I've been treated for over a year now when I needed help. Most of the time they don't even understand what I say. We go around in circles over & over again until I finally give up or I notice the problem has been fixed. It usually takes them 2-4 weeks to respond.I've often wondered if support is being outsourced overseas & I'm dealing with braindead people. I've stopped recommended Evernote to people after all of this. I just got an e-mail saying they won't help me via my ticket & they've closed it. This was AFTER I lost data in my notes & reported it. How LOVELY!
  3. Hi all, Not sure if it's just me, but every link I click on on this page goes to the same video which is the intro video for Windows. http://www.evernote.com/about/video/#1LVwRK3mTO4|1|2 Thanks Michelle
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