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  1. That worked! Formatting is jacked up - but better than nothing. That said - losing confidence in creating new notes. This cycle to recover a single note was brutal to say the least and I assumed it would eventually sync so my confidence would be restored, but still in Twilight Zone on new notes created.
  2. PITA is right! Tried changing notebook, didn't work either. Ported over note with title, but no body. I'll keep trying. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  3. Trying that. Don't know if I'm hitting on another known bug (recall seeing another post on topic), but cannot copy/paste to a new note. Any suggestions? Also, is my issue a known one? Seems bizarre that after 100% syncing - these handful of notes are still stuck in the Twightlight Zone.
  4. Good idea, tried that. Tag appeared, but content did not port over.
  5. It is showing on the web version! So, glad I didn't lose the contents - but still not syncing to the desktop nor mobile versions. Evernote: Version 7.0.2 (456267 App Store) Mac Laptop: iOs 10.13.3 (17D47) iPhone X. Evernote
  6. First time I've experienced the following issue: Yesterday, I took copious notes during a critical meeting. Today, the note was there, with the title still there but the body of the note was empty. It simply had the default text: "Drag files here or just start typing". I was surprised - I'd written enough and for a long enough time for plenty of syncing to occur, I'd never before seen a body of a note go missing. Then, I started a follow-up note. Similar title, typing away. After 10 minutes, and switching from other notes, the 2nd note too was now blank. Argh. Tried again with
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