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  1. Upgrade to Created Problems

    I agree, although so far I'm, only noticing it on new notes. The highlighting & copying seems to be fixed (I hope). It used to remove the highlight when I clicked on the Ctrl button. Thanks for updating the thread. I hope they read this.
  2. Upgrade to Created Problems

    Are you talking about the desktop version? If yes, I just happened to check to see if there was an update (I don't know why it doesn't tell us there's an update when it's open & you are working on it) & there was. I think that issue is fixed now. I had e-mailed with them for a few days trying to give them videos of what was happening , but kept forgetting to or I already clicked in several times & so then a video wouldn't have proved anything. I just got home, so I still have to use the new version to see if it's completely working. Let us know once you upgrade.
  3. Links get dragged into my text

    Yes I know Thanks
  4. Links get dragged into my text

    LOL, sorry, I thought I was checking for "updates", not upgrades. I didn't read it clearly. I was hoping the update would clear the issue so I don't have to uninstall & reinstall, but there are no updates. Thanks
  5. Links get dragged into my text

    I've had several issues since I upgraded to (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) I wrote them about my other thread too. Someone else is having that issue there too. I just tried to upgrade & it pops up with a window giving you the option for the free, the Plus or the Premium, but in the basic it doesn't allow you to click on anything. Grrrr -
  6. Links get dragged into my text

    Hi, Before I relay my issue, I don't see a way to log into my account & see all my previous posts. Is that not a feature here, or am I just missing it? Onto the bug at hand This is for the Windows application - If I paste a link into a note, then start typing after the link (with a space after it) or even on the next line or several lines below it, it drags the link into my text & there is NO WAY to get rid of it. Clicking Ctrl U doesn't help at all. I've just tweeted them this issue. I have had this issue for a while now even in the previous version.
  7. Upgrade to Created Problems

    My bad, they got back to me on the 2nd & I never saw the tweet. I just responded to them. Did you go back to the previous version? What OS are you using?
  8. Upgrade to Created Problems

    Hi all, Happy New Year! So I'm not happy right now. All was fine with the Windows desktop version UNTIL I upgraded. Now: When I go to copy text, it's like the issue I had on the web version where you have to copy the word/text twice b/c it doesn't take the first time. Now I have to do it like 3 times. The software also hung & wouldn't load properly, so I restarted it & it looks like one of the entries on my computer no longer exists. Well I certainly didn't delete it. I finally got it running again <sigh> When I click on a line where there's text & start typing, it doesn't even know my cursor was there & I go flying all over the place. I have to click into the note several times to make sure Evernote knows I'm really there. REALLY NOT HAPPY. I was soo thrilled when I figured out that the windows version was way better than the web version & now these issues are the same issues I had on the web version & even MORE!! Thanks for listening.
  9. Scroll down, notes disappear

    @ejmichel - I agree with you. Too many companies CHANGE their software & it's worse once they change it & it's not like they include NEW amazing features. Even their desktop version has issues where it doesn't launch on restart. I finally had to resort to putting it into my startup tab which one should NEVER have to do if the software was built properly. I would tweet them first, but if you are a paid subscriber, they should be getting back to you. Their support has never been good from what I experienced & from what I've read online. I'm not a paid member, but they did respond back to my tweet & then passed me on to support. I can't remember the reason I didn't like the new version, as it's been several months since I tried it out & then I freaked out b/c I didn't think I could back to the old version, but someone on here helped me. I still recommend the desktop version, but I understand that if you are on the road, you need the web version. I am not a fan of MS, so I try never to use their products except we are almost all forced to use Word & Excel. Let us know how it goes.
  10. How to copy a link

    Hi, Ok, so... I tried it again & if you click on the 3 dots on the top right, it asks you if you want to copy an internal link. When I do that & paste it, it pastes an Evernote share link which I DON'T want. When I do it your way Dave, I can copy & it gives me just the link, so thank you.
  11. How to copy a link

    I keep getting 2 e-mail notices whenever you respond. I know you don't handle that of course, just saying Note 3
  12. How to copy a link

    Yeh, nothing happens when I tap it or hold it down although it does change color.
  13. How to copy a link

    So, I hate using smartphones to replace computers. I've been using computers since '84, & nothing about a smartphone is easy for me not to mention it's a very lame chopped down version of the real thing & I'm not just talking about Evernote. So I've been unable to copy one link out of let's say 4 links in a note so I can paste it to someone in a text or WhatsApp, etc. Also, whenever I want to open that link in a browser, clicking on it, or even holding it down doesn't do it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  14. Scroll down, notes disappear

    I spoke to them & they don't even think they are going to fix it Please tweet them & maybe if many people tweet them, they will consider it. Thanks
  15. Change e-mail

    No I don't X out, I just restart. I shouldn't have to do that IMO b/c I don't have to do that with other software. I'll have to get someone to help me put Evernote in the startup menu. Thanks