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  1. Because they don't want the truth to be known. Never have, never will. Many people have been killed for speaking the truth. My point is, I didn't delete the notes. We'll see if this latest update fixes the issue. I just found out that it also hasn't been telling me when there's an update. I was behind several versions & didn't know it. WOW.
  2. I didn't say there was coding needed for rebuilding the index. And no, I don't think it's easy to delete a note. You have to press the delete key or right click on the note. Anyway, no need to respond back. You are clearly bent on blaming me for something I never did. This is not to you, but to everyone else. I did NOT do anything to delete my own notes. I made this very clear over & over again, so I hope anyone else who's having the same issues understands this.
  3. We'll agree to disagree. Anyone can hack into your computer & I'm a truther, so I'm at huge risk. No one is immune to hacking. I don't reuse p/ws. I use Last Pass so every p/w is unique. I just looked at devices & it all "appears" to be normal. I'll wait until my website coder is around to try & recreate the search index. I HOPE that's the issue b/c one missing note, ok, maybe it's me, but 3? Nope, that's impossible. I don't delete notes for no reason. I rarely delete them & they only get deleted if I started one & didn't type something in them & needed to delete it b/c it was empty. In fact I have 6 deleted empty notes in my trash. My trash has barely anything in it. 94 notes over the course of years. So I just went to look what's in my trash & I found almost a duplicate of a note I already had that's in a notebook AND found another note that I never would have deleted & even though it's in the trash area, at the top when you look at what notebook it's attached to it says "Health," not trash. And that's just 2 notes I investigated. I didn't go thru the rest. Something serious is breaking with EN. I never would have deleted that note, & I had no reason to create a duplicate note & trash one of them. smh
  4. But if someone deleted them from my account they will be lost right? What about the fact that it found the kw in my search in the DB?
  5. I understand. Yes, as I stated in my original comment, I did a search, but I had also scrolled through one of the notebooks high & low & couldn't find 2 of the notes. I think I know which notebook the 3rd note was in, but again, it's not there. Interestingly when I just started a deep search on my computer, it found one of the kws in C/Users/MyName/Evernote/Databases I've been having issues with Evernote for several months & have complained about it over & over again that I'll be in the middle of typing up a note & POOF, it disappears & I get a blank white screen & have to click on it on the left side. This happens also if I leave the note & come back to it. I'll bet you that bug is deleting notes. sigh
  6. The notes were there when I wrote them. Why would I have to sync to the server to see the notes that were on my desktop when I wrote them & they are old notes. One from around 2 years ago, another from at least 6-8 months ago. And I'm sure I've synced since then or the system has synced since then since I had issues with Evernote syncing before to my mobile. Makes no sense what you are saying. I wrote them on my Desktop, not on the web version. Unless I'm missing something on how Evernote works. If I wrote it on the desktop it should be on the desktop UNLESS Evernote deletes notes when it syncs..
  7. I use the desktop version. This is happening to me & at first I thought it was just me. It started around 2-3 months ago. I take copious notes when I watch certain videos & I thought maybe I never took notes on a specific video. Well now another note has gone missing & the link to the video too. Just terrible & that one I think I did a year ago. Now another note (very small one) has gone missing with the times of the video that the lecturer said something specific. And yes I searched in the online version b/c I don't know which notebooks they are in so all I can do is search by kw & nothing. Same with the Trash. I don't see anything in there & search came up with nothing. Very upset now.
  8. Hi there, So I just got a new HD & Desktop Evernote won't let me sign in to the desktop version on the new HD because I guess it thinks I'm still using it on the old HD & I have the app on my phone too. So what do I have to do with the old HD so I can open it on the new HD? And do I need to back anything up? Thanks a ton
  9. Thank you VERY much. I don't remember dragging anything & Evernote causes so many problems now, this may just be another one. Have a wonderful day
  10. Hi, So I don't understand what's going. :( 2 of my notebooks have moved on their own to a heading called Notebook Stack & then Notebook Stack 2. How do I get them back to where they were before which just in alpha order under "Create a Notebook?" And why is this happening? Thanks
  11. Yeh I also upgraded to version & thought it would fix these issues, but it HASN'T & their response to me was to go all the way back to the version where it was working & DL that. BUT, I happen to live the new feature where it shows you ALL the notes where that kw is even if it's not the notebook you are in. Why should I have to lose that feature to go back to such an old version just to get the bloody software to work :( Why can't they just fix it? Did you guys submit a ticket by first contacting them on Twitter? Because if I'm the only one complaining, they aren't going to fix it.
  12. I agree, although so far I'm, only noticing it on new notes. The highlighting & copying seems to be fixed (I hope). It used to remove the highlight when I clicked on the Ctrl button. Thanks for updating the thread. I hope they read this.
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