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  1. Thanks for all your answers. Sucks for filterize, didn't know. Really hope Evernote incorporates some of the features as part of its premium plan. So one document will feed at 30 ppm, but what if you have 10 documents instead? Can you immediately immediately start the next job or is there a long processing time where one is left ot stare blankly at the screen before going on with the next document?
  2. Hello, In my quest to go paperless in my home, I have switched for a little over a year to Evernote + Filterize. I am now looking for a physical scanner to up my game because scanning letters using my phone can take forever, since I generally let it accumulate for a few weeks before processing it. I recently found this rather old video demonstrating scanning to evernote with the brother ADS-2600W and it left me scared: it takes a total of 8 touches, and 1 full minute of processing time for a 3 page document. Scanning is quick, but it's a fraction of the 1m30s that each document takes. This is a far cry from what I'm looking for. Realistically, counting the times where I start doing something else or phase out, it would take me 45 minutes to scan 20 documents. Way too slow. sitting next to my scanner for 1 hour every two weeks, with long off times, and constant repetitive manual work is very frustrating and boring. If a single touch scan could be programmed, and the processing was done in the background, scanning itself would take 10 seconds for a 3 page document. This is the type of performance I'm looking for, since 20 documents could realistically be processed in 5 minutes, before letting the scanner, filterize and evernote do the sorting work in the following hours. Is this something that exists? How do you manage to scan multiple documents quickly, simply and efficiently? What is the fastest way to scan and add documents to evernote? A few more notes on what I'm looking for: I would much prefer to avoid turning on my computer before scanning things. Ideally I'd prefer if the scanner uploaded it directly to evernote, but I can survive with a onedrive/dropbox/google drive integration, since I can then use auto-import folders in evernote to add them next time I use evernote on my computer. Thanks a lot for reading.
  3. This looks great! I didn't know about AutoHotKey. I think this should work well. I'm going to try to set it up.
  4. Hello, Many keyboard shortcuts are unusable on non-American keyboards. It changes for each keyboard, but for instance Ctrl + Alt + number is often used to write characters, making the associated shortcut unusable. Is there a workaround for this? I use Evernote to file all my incoming mail, and use tags to categorize them. I will often add 100+ notes at a time, and need a way to quickly go through the work of tagging them. What I really would love would be to have a way to go through all notes without ever touching my mouse. Here is the procedure I would need, as best I can tell: Click F3 to activate the tag field enter the tags using Enter Set the focus back to the note list using Ctrl + Alt + \ go to the next note using the down arrow However, the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + \ does not work on Swiss keyboards, since the \ character is not assigned to a specific key. Indeed, to write \ you need to press Ctrl + Alt + < Is there a workaround for this? Puredwige
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