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  1. I upgraded to version 10.2 but continue to receive the message "Importing sharedimage.png 7 clips remaining."
  2. Slightly different problem. I currently have six clips that seem stuck in the initial process of being saved to Evernote. Each time I open Evernote it looks as though they are being saved but the process never completes. If I clip another page, the number of stuck items increases by one.
  3. I was initially able to press down on an item in a checklist and move the item within the entire list. Either I have forgotten the technique or one of the updates removed the ability to move checklist items. Any suggestions?
  4. When I click on edit within the note and then click on the pdf, the annotate icon appears. But then when I click on the annotate icon, I get the message "unable to load this resource. Please refresh the page or try again later".
  5. When opening attachments in notes, I am receiving a message that my monthly upload limit has been exceeded. I have a premium account that is linked to a business account, so I should not be anywhere near a monthly limit.
  6. I have tried to take photographs with the new version. The photos are not being saved to the note and the note is not saved in Evernote.
  7. Evernote Business is also stuck at version 5.33.0. Makes no sense.
  8. The good news is the pdf still exists. If you right-click on the note in the left panel, you should be able to save the attachment (including annotations) to your computer. The attachment can then be added to a new note in Evernote. Support tells me they are working on a solution for the next update.
  9. I am also unable to see some annotated PDFs. But I see that if I right-click on the apparently blank note in the Note List, I can save the attachment on my computer. The annotated PDF file is saved and intact. Let me know if this works for you.
  10. The new tag icon appears on my iPad but not on my iPhone 6.
  11. 8.11 forced me to re-download all of my notes on both my iPhone and iPad, but seems to be working fine now.
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