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  1. The good news is the pdf still exists. If you right-click on the note in the left panel, you should be able to save the attachment (including annotations) to your computer. The attachment can then be added to a new note in Evernote. Support tells me they are working on a solution for the next update.
  2. I am also unable to see some annotated PDFs. But I see that if I right-click on the apparently blank note in the Note List, I can save the attachment on my computer. The annotated PDF file is saved and intact. Let me know if this works for you.
  3. The new tag icon appears on my iPad but not on my iPhone 6.
  4. 8.11 forced me to re-download all of my notes on both my iPhone and iPad, but seems to be working fine now.
  5. Evernote 6.9 shuts down when I click on the Notebook selection icon.
  6. Right-clicking in the body of the PDF works in the vast majority of my notes. For a small fraction, however, I only get the options as shown. http://www.evernote.com/l/AAyY2usTAoFB3p4Oj88IaI39-ZaRdpN7TnA/
  7. I have several notes that contain pdf files where the ability to annotate or display as an attachment has been lost with the upgrade to 6.8. An example is attached. http://www.evernote.com/l/AAyY2usTAoFB3p4Oj88IaI39-ZaRdpN7TnA/
  8. Is there really no way to link two business card notes or to link another note within Evernote to a scanned business card note? The "add note" field only accepts text that cannot be clicked. It seems reasonable that we should be able to link the business cards of two suppliers, business associates, medical personnel, etc.
  9. I am experiencing duplicate tasks within Swipes for notes synced from Evernote. I also am having problems getting completed tasks in Swipes to appear checked or otherwise modified in Evernote.
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