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  1. Thanks. I am growing weary of software developers sacrificing functionality for aesthetics.
  2. G'day, I fired up my evernote today after a few months of not using and man his it taken a big blow in functionality. I read the "State of the Product" post and see that they realise there is a fair bit missing from the new windows version as compared to old. Is there a list of things that they are currently working on, or are promising to return to the new version from the old? If so can someone point me in the right direction. If not, how long will the legacy product remain usable?
  3. I was very excited to see this addon announced but have been very underwhelmed with its functionality on first impressions. It is so slow and counter intuitive when it comes to labelling and selecting notebooks. Why is there no drop down menu like the web clipper that is fast and snappy to respond? I have to navigate to labels then navigate back then navigate to notebooks. It is so clunky. And it just seems to me like the be clipper does a better job of capturing the email overall anyway. The web clipper even adds a link that you can use to get back to your email whereas the addon d
  4. G'day, I use the Evernote scanner (the one that is baked into Evernote) on a daily basis. I use it across multiple devices both apple and android. Over the last few months the scanner accuracy on all of my devices has really degraded. For example, I am simply scanning a white A4 pace of paper a on a background that is a stark contrast to the paper. Evernote idenifies the paper by putting a green border around the paper and then it just sits their continually identifying the paper without automatically taking the scan. I then have to manually press my finger on the screen to capture t
  5. I would be looking for speech to text input most likely. And sending an email to the notebook sounds like a great idea. if i can say - Okay google, send email to "My Evernote" (thats what the email address is saved under in my contact list) then say the quick note, that might be the way to go. I am going to have to get a watch to experiment. This sounds good also. Ill try both methods when i get the watch and see which one suits best. The ultimate however, is having a simple quick note button (like the one you can find on an android phone widget) and then you can use the watch fac
  6. I have been looking all across the web to see if the Evernote app for android wear supports creating new quick notes. I have been using The Secret Weapon in conjunction with Evernote for over a year now and I am always looking for the absolute fastest way to add notes to my inbox. When ideas are hitting me thick and fast, pulling my phone out of my pocket, unlocking it and pressing quick note is inconvenient. while it is a lot faster than using a note pad like I used to I want to make it even more efficient. I want to be able to add a quick note directly from android watch. this wo
  7. Interesting. Yeah my search works fine on windows client but not on the web or android. and it is explained by Matt W in the quote in my previous message.
  8. hmm i wonder what the problem is then. All searches are working with the reminderTime in my evernote windows client but not on web or android. all searches without the reminderTime do work though. I just typed my search out one section at a time in the web version, and it works fine all the way up until I add the remindertime argument and then the search doesn't work. With further investigation i have found that the search -remindertime:day+1 will search for notes without reminders and notes with today's date as the reminder time in the windows verison. I
  9. I have several saved searches that work really well on my computer but none of them are working on the web client. and it involves the reminder time search function. As an example I have this one of the searches that works on the windows client but not the web: notebook:"action pending" tag:@home -tag:3soon -tag:5later -tag:7someday -tag:6waiting -reminderTime:day+1 Can someone please tell me if this is common?
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