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  1. @winterjune I'm really sorry for you... Evernote has just thrown 12 years of organization out the window... The more I read this forum, the more I'm disappointed about the collateral damage they consciously took, knowingly ... I wish you a lot of courage to find an alternative solution with all your work to do again... I'm about the same way... Cheer up!
  2. So, this whole forum represents 5% of the users who use functions that 95% of the Evernote users do not use... Is he serious when he says that?!! I'm tired... I've heard enough... He is content to say that they have not yet implemented this function for the moment... Not to say that they simply removed it from the previous version. Speech of a politician... I just hope for his sake that the 95% of users he cares about are the paying users... Otherwise he seriously risks having to assume this joke of Evernote V10 for the rest of his career in other companies
  3. @HSM @DTLow If only I hadn't done this v10 iOS update... But my decision is made... I find myself in mobility, working with a tool that is losing notes, impossible to search by date of creation and so many other bugs... Inconceivable at the professional level. And as they don't want to give us the old version... I leave Evernote. There are alternative solutions nowadays to Evernote. Sorry, I was talking about internal links outside of Evernote and not IN Evernote.
  4. @HSM Yes, this is correct... Reread everything I wrote... It's not complicated... A classic link created on macOS will open this link in Evernote desktop. A link created on iOS will always open the browser on macOS. If you have found another method, we would be curious to hear about it. I'm talking about links between different applications... Of course... Not inside Evernote.... Edit : I just tested an internal link created in Evernote iOS. Indeed, on macOS it opens the browser. So the internal link in Evernote iOS is broken. As 80% of the f
  5. @HSM You haven't been able to for a few years now. Evernote has removed this possibility on iOS. Yet I'm doing a big job to get them to reintegrate it... I get thrown out every time... @psimoons I stay on version 7.14 on macOS to keep this function.
  6. @HSM Support for "xcallback" links (url scheme) was removed a few years ago on iOS. They still exist on macOS (Desktop version) by right-clicking on a note and holding down "Opt". The link copy menu changes to show a classic link (xcallback Link). This xcallback link then works on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. But it is impossible to create it from iOS/iPadOS. To learn more about the applications compatible with these url scheme : https://app-talk.com/ And for Evernote exclusively it's this way: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/note_links.php I've been st
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