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  1. 22 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

    @abdu Whoever knows how your own computers are set up ? If you get the update notice only now, you are late to the party anyhow.

    The old clients will try to update from time to time. You have to remember this, or it happens what has happened already.

    The legacy client will never update.

    You can install legacy and v10 side by side. But in your case I won’t do it, because you would be consuming one of your total 2 clients for each client you install.

    This means as well you likely need to uninstall v10 on the upgraded computer before installing legacy. You may try if it works without, but probably not.

    What do you mean the legacy client will never update? I just said it did. I assume by legacy client you mean version 6.x.
    If the legacy app never updates then there will be a lot of users who will be on 6.x forever unless they know that there's a new version and go to download it manually.

    If I get a notice on one of my two 6.x clients and only now, surely it's Evernote's fault. Evernote has bugs. 

  2. On my home computer with version 6.x, I got a notice on it that a new version with something about import folders feature. I updated and notices it upgraded to 10.x. A completely new version. I didn't expect this. I wanted to stay on 6.c. The notice should have been clear that the upgrade is not a minor upgrade but it's going to upgrade to the brand new version of 10.x

    I have another computer on 6.x and that computer never got the same notice. Even when I check for upgrades, it says there are no upgrades available. What the heck! What is this mess .. Evernote? Either you upgrade both or don't upgrade both and you want to upgrade to 10.x, be clear that this is your intention.

    If I find any issues with 10.x, I am going to downgrade to 6.x.

  3. I just export the notes and search in them my own way when I need to. I have decided years ago I wasn't going to wait for the company to implement partial search. 

    I am just replying to you here for the sake of discussion and because you seem to come up with excuses for the company when these excuses or reasons are weak.
    I have proposed the feature 5 years ago. They had plenty of time to implement it.  I know they're putting their energy on the new version. My request still holds. Put then in the new version. Forget v6. 

    I don't know why you keep bringing up searching for beginning of text. Partial search means searching for parts of texts no matter where it's located in a word. 
    If the beginning of word search works now, great. But that's part of the story.

    We'll see what the new version will look like. When I tried it a few months ago, it felt like a crippled version with fewer features than 6.x.
    All I can hope for is they implement partial search in the new version. All I saw is them reapplying and porting the same features from 6 to the new one. I haven't been following what new features are going to be in the new one.

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  4. The notes are on your machine. The search is done on your machine.
    There's no simultaneous access by thousands of users. That's when users are syncing their notes with Evernote on Evernote servers in the cloud. That's a totally different thing. 

    Indexing helps to get instant results and it's not the only way to search.  When someone wants to do partial then search regular search is fine. Users should be able to get results instead of no capability to do partial search.

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  5. Export all the notes into a single .enex file and open that file in any text editor. Do a search in the editor and it will find anything instantly. So even without using an index, any kind of search is super fast. Surely anyone can wait a second for the first result to show up even if there are thousands of notes. We're not talking minutes here.

    IMO, any excuse for not implementing partial searches is super lame.


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  6. 1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

    As I tried to say: An interesting feature request, but probably nothing for the next future. I don’t see EN rebuilding the whole search index and code to implement it.

    Do you know how their search works exactly to suggest it's too much work to enhance it? 
    I posted this post in 2016. FIVE YEARS! How many years do you think they need to add this feature!?

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  7. 48 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

    As I tried to say: An interesting feature request, but probably nothing for the next future. I don’t see EN rebuilding the whole search index and code to implement it.

    There are no cons here when Evernote gives the user the option to include partial searches. These are notes written over many years. There are times when I remember part of a word and I NEED to find notes that contain it. Don't worry about the number of returned notes. If I have time to go through 200 notes then give me that option. 
    If it returns many notes, I can simply add more characters. All text editors, browsers and many software provide the ability to search by partial words. If it exists, show it 
    Improve the search functionality. It's not rocket surgery. There are many open source libraries that can do this.

    I don't know why Evernote is spending time on some Tasks feature or whatever that thing means or does. Stick with Notes and being able to slice and dice and search them in  different ways. It's a notes app. We want to be able to find our notes. We don't want the software to get bloated with non notes related features while ignoring what many users have been asking for years.

    Did many users ask for this Tasks thing? 

    They created that restaurant rating, location, review feature/add on and they then removed it. Proof they waste time and energy on features that are not badly needed.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Alxa said:

    I want to add, that I recently contacted EN support with this problem. As there are languages, which have words which are put together with several word parts. For example in german: "Gesamtelternkonferenz". When searching for content I surely would try "eltern" because this is the word which comes to mind first. Evernote would NEVER find any information about it. This is only because of the nature of the language used. EN search to date does not address this language specific problem. The search engine is optimised for english only. Support told me, they would escalate this language perspective of the problem to product manager as they do not want to discriminate users by their language used.

    It's not a language specific issue. If EN supports partial searches on latin based languages, it will work in these languages

  9. 27 minutes ago, jefito said:

    In the time it's taken for you discuss it here, you could have gotten it working with AutoHotKey. And someone here would have been happy to help if you had any difficulty... *shrug*

    I'm not saying that it's not a reasonable request, but the likelihood of it changing soon is probably pretty low, and this would save any mental friction over using Ctrl+G.

    I already replied to you and told you that it makes more sense to try to remember to use ctrl-f than installing a tool, learning it just so I can use F3. Frankly it's an absurd idea to install a whole app just to use a key in another app when that app already has a shortcut key. And don't worry about my time.

  10. 27 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

    Well ... that works in Notepad and Wordpad, but not in MS Word (at least not in Word 2010; I'm not up to date). It works in some other programs, but not in all. So Evernote's choice to use F3 for something else (set focus to the tag field of the active note) is not unreasonable. Using Ctrl+G to go to the next instance of a search term is, though--I'm with you on that.

    As a good user experience practice and when developing a new app, one starts by assigning common keyboard shortcuts to the actions that are common to many users in common apps. For example, in Chrome and Firefox and probably other browsers, F3 is used for going to the next search occurrence.  Browsers are heavily used every day. Of course not every app is following this standard. Maybe some app developers are not familiar with this concept and create their own confusing shortcuts. As for MS Word, it's a very old app and appeared first in 1983 so probably before common shortcuts were adopted.

    How many Evernote users use the focus on the tag field vs  doing a search? I bet search is a lot more common. I never use the tag feature myself. So it makes sense to assign F3 to search and the tag focus to some other shortcut. F3 is also easier to hit than ctrl-g. 'Tag' even has the letter 'g'.
    Anyway, good apps allow users to assign their own shortcuts. Evernote should add this feature.

  11. It customary in Windows apps that F3 finds the next occurrence of a searched word. It does not work in Evernote. It's ctrl-G. I don't know why they choose the letter G. The letter does not exist in 'search' or 'next' and therefore it's not easy to remember. Plus there doesn't seem a way to reassign the keyboard shortcut. I don't want to use the global shortcuts because they hijack shortcuts for any app.

  12. 8 minutes ago, jefito said:

    Except that there are other link types than "http://"; "https://", "file://", "ftp://", "mailto://" etc, are all valid URL prefixes (see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL). Beyond that, I'd be hard-pressed to say that the ones here look anything like web links (sorry, @dcon) or any other kind of URL, and it's already been shown that its behavior is pretty inconsistent, so it looks like a feature that needs some developer attention because bugginess.

    I suppose you could ask for an option to turn it off, but that's just one more option hiding among many, and only @CalS knows them all.


    OK I meant those as well. I wasn't going to list them all. Yes it can be another option. It's a functionality that I didn't ask for or expect so there needs to be a setting to turn it on/off. I don't care if it's onemore option. Users don't deal with options in every Evernote use.

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