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  1. That did it. Thanks. I thought when All Notes is selected in the left side that meant to export them all.
  2. I am using Evernote When I export, all I get is a skeleton enex file with no notes. Isn't this the legacy version people mentioned in the previous comments which supports exporting all the notes in one file? Also when I check the 'No not show this message again' checkbox in the last dialog, it still keeps popping up when I export. Looks like a bug.
  3. There's one Windows beta forum which is linked from https://discussion.evernote.com/ to https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/536-evernote-betas/ to https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/539-windows/. Where are you reaching the other one from?
  4. How to make clicking on a link go to the page instead of bringing up an edit option? That's what 99.9% of the time I want to do so this needs to be the default behavior. Not editing it.
  5. The list of notes is in a side column. How do I put them on top like I was able to in the regular version?
  6. It's not a language specific issue. If EN supports partial searches on latin based languages, it will work in these languages
  7. I already replied to you and told you that it makes more sense to try to remember to use ctrl-f than installing a tool, learning it just so I can use F3. Frankly it's an absurd idea to install a whole app just to use a key in another app when that app already has a shortcut key. And don't worry about my time.
  8. Yes we know it's in use. The whole discussion here is about it being oddly mapped and we can't change it.
  9. As a good user experience practice and when developing a new app, one starts by assigning common keyboard shortcuts to the actions that are common to many users in common apps. For example, in Chrome and Firefox and probably other browsers, F3 is used for going to the next search occurrence. Browsers are heavily used every day. Of course not every app is following this standard. Maybe some app developers are not familiar with this concept and create their own confusing shortcuts. As for MS Word, it's a very old app and appeared first in 1983 so probably before common shortcuts were adopted. How many Evernote users use the focus on the tag field vs doing a search? I bet search is a lot more common. I never use the tag feature myself. So it makes sense to assign F3 to search and the tag focus to some other shortcut. F3 is also easier to hit than ctrl-g. 'Tag' even has the letter 'g'. Anyway, good apps allow users to assign their own shortcuts. Evernote should add this feature.
  10. It customary in Windows apps that F3 finds the next occurrence of a searched word. It does not work in Evernote. It's ctrl-G. I don't know why they choose the letter G. The letter does not exist in 'search' or 'next' and therefore it's not easy to remember. Plus there doesn't seem a way to reassign the keyboard shortcut. I don't want to use the global shortcuts because they hijack shortcuts for any app.
  11. OK I meant those as well. I wasn't going to list them all. Yes it can be another option. It's a functionality that I didn't ask for or expect so there needs to be a setting to turn it on/off. I don't care if it's onemore option. Users don't deal with options in every Evernote use.
  12. Evernote should not think it's a hyperlink unless there's http:// in the text. This is a classic case when software tries to be helpful, but becomes buggy and annoying.
  13. If I paste a filename with an extension, Evernote converts the file to a hyperlink. Then I remove the hyperlink, Then if I hit Enter, shift Enter or the spacebar, it adds back the hyperlink! How to stop Evernote from doing this?
  14. I am using two monitors and there's no way I can find to get out of this blocking top window. Anyways, I don't need this Google Drive thing so I just hit ctrl-z after pasting the link and it reverts to a hyperlink.
  15. When pasting a link to Google Docs, the hyperlink gets converted to a Google Drive link. There's no option to switch this option which some don't like. Ctrl-Z converts it back to a link. Thank God. The Google Drive box has a "Connect to see more" link which open another Window on top of Evernote. The Window open slowly. It's blank and the close button is outside of my screen. I am totally blocked from using Evernote and I have to kill the app. A totally buggy and annoying feature feature.
  16. The editor is just bad when dealing with nested lists. I just spent another 15 minutes trying to make it work now. When I pasted my list in Google Docs, it displayed the way it should. The best solution for me was to put a link to the Google Doc in Evernote's note. This works perfectly for me.
  17. Well.. it doesn't work for me. All the bullets get moved to the left. The bullet lists in Evernote is pretty bad once things get messed up. It was impossible for me to fix the nesting and I had to fix it in Word. Still, when I paste it in Evernote, the list's format is not retained.
  18. Installed MS Word 2016. My system was restarted today. I think Evernote doesn't understand every kind of bullet format it sees. I can fix it manually but it's a nuisance because it's alive document and every time there's an update, I have to manually indent all the nested bullets.
  19. I don't understand what you mean where I am copying from. It's from a simple 2 page document in MS Word. There's only one level of nesting. Just like I showed in my example.
  20. When I copy all of a nested bulleted list from MS Word and paste into an EV note, I lose all the proper indentation. All the bullet digits and letters are all left aligned in the same position. Is there a way to not make this happen? I want the list to show the same way as in Word. Properly indented. Every nested bullet is indented further to the right. Also when I manually fix the indentations, it changes the letters to digits but this is not a big problem now. Example after pasting in Evernote: 1. Some text a. should be indented to the right but 'a.' is right below '1.'. 2. some more text a. some more text b. some more text
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