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  1. If I paste a filename with an extension, Evernote converts the file to a hyperlink. Then I remove the hyperlink, Then if I hit Enter, shift Enter or the spacebar, it adds back the hyperlink! How to stop Evernote from doing this?
  2. I am using two monitors and there's no way I can find to get out of this blocking top window. Anyways, I don't need this Google Drive thing so I just hit ctrl-z after pasting the link and it reverts to a hyperlink.
  3. When pasting a link to Google Docs, the hyperlink gets converted to a Google Drive link. There's no option to switch this option which some don't like. Ctrl-Z converts it back to a link. Thank God. The Google Drive box has a "Connect to see more" link which open another Window on top of Evernote. The Window open slowly. It's blank and the close button is outside of my screen. I am totally blocked from using Evernote and I have to kill the app. A totally buggy and annoying feature feature.
  4. The editor is just bad when dealing with nested lists. I just spent another 15 minutes trying to make it work now. When I pasted my list in Google Docs, it displayed the way it should. The best solution for me was to put a link to the Google Doc in Evernote's note. This works perfectly for me.
  5. Well.. it doesn't work for me. All the bullets get moved to the left. The bullet lists in Evernote is pretty bad once things get messed up. It was impossible for me to fix the nesting and I had to fix it in Word. Still, when I paste it in Evernote, the list's format is not retained.
  6. Installed MS Word 2016. My system was restarted today. I think Evernote doesn't understand every kind of bullet format it sees. I can fix it manually but it's a nuisance because it's alive document and every time there's an update, I have to manually indent all the nested bullets.
  7. I don't understand what you mean where I am copying from. It's from a simple 2 page document in MS Word. There's only one level of nesting. Just like I showed in my example.
  8. When I copy all of a nested bulleted list from MS Word and paste into an EV note, I lose all the proper indentation. All the bullet digits and letters are all left aligned in the same position. Is there a way to not make this happen? I want the list to show the same way as in Word. Properly indented. Every nested bullet is indented further to the right. Also when I manually fix the indentations, it changes the letters to digits but this is not a big problem now. Example after pasting in Evernote: 1. Some text a. should be indented to the right but 'a.' is right below '1.'. 2. some more text a. some more text b. some more text
  9. I am selecting the url and want to remove formatting. The typical context menu doesn't show but just the minimal one show up.
  10. I have a note with a list of hyperlinks. One of them has extra white space above it. I am unable to adjust the line height or right click on it to get the context menu which has the remove or simplify formatting options.
  11. When rightclicking on a hyperlink, I just get the small menu with copy/remove/edit menu. I need to remove the formatting from the hyperlink? Why can't I get the full menu which has the remove formatting and simplify formatting!?? The full menu already has a hyperlink option which has the copy/remove/edit sub menu!
  12. Not with the enex format. I am on Windows. I can export into a single or multiple html files and the pdf files will be exported as pdf files. Then I can use File Locator Pro to search through text, pdf and Office documents. It's a commercial product which I purchased. I can't live without it and use it on daily basis in my work. It's very fast and very capable. It can also build an index and use indexed search. You're on Mac so I guess this app won't help you but I think there are similar Mac apps. Only EverNote guys can explain why they haven't implemented search within words.
  13. A program is as smart (or as dumb) as the programmer who programmed it. I am a software engineer. How would I have created Evernote's search functionality? Search is a very important feature for documents. A note is considered a document. I will have two search implementations. One index based and one isn't which supports regex, boolean, DOS expressions and so on. I can make the default one the indexed one. The user has the option to make the other one the default. If I am smart, I can let Evernote decide which one to use based on the number and size of the user's notes. If Evernote can return result results in less 2 second or less in scan search mode, maybe I'll make the scanning search the default. Imagine I had a note with a password I entered 2 years ago like airplane123. Today I remember and I am certain that there's a password that had 123 in it but I can't remember the full password. I search for '123' and get no results back. I hate you Evernote! My workaround is to select all the notes, export them into an enex file and open it in a text editor and let the editor find it in a split second. Well darn it, why can't Evernote do the same thing?? Because it's using an index search as its only search method and it doesn't give the user any other choice to search inside Evernote. Well that's dumb you say.
  14. Searching across all your drives vs Evernote few folders and files are comparing apples with oranges. Evernote should be able to use non indexed searches and get results in a split second. There's no excuse at all. Some engineers over there thought searches must be indexed for good performance. The average Evernote user doesn't have a number of notes that will make a search take seconds.
  15. 3-15 minutes is absolutely ridiculous. I use a tool called File Locator Pro and I just used it now. It searched 44,284 files, in maybe a few hundred folders (6.36GB total size) and it came back with results in 3 seconds. That's pure sequential scanning throughout all the files. No indexes used. It includes all partial matches. For example, if I searched for 'ney', I got all the files that had the word 'money' in them. Do this little test. Export all your notes as a single xml file. Open it in a text editor like Notepad++. Do a search and you will get instant results. Windows might be slow because it's scanning thousands of folders and hundreds of thousands or millions of files, depending on your system. But of course Evernote is or should be putting all its notes in a few folders so the search area is a ton less.
  16. Yes we need something like that. I would rather wait a couple seconds for such a search to complete. I am not sure how many notes and note size a typical user has for Evenote to make a decision that only an index search should be implemented otherwise it would be very slow. Some of us use SSDs and lots of memory. I don't like software which doesn't take advantage of users' hardware capabilities. A one second index search vs a 3 second scan search which gets me all the results. I would take the 3 second search any day. It's not like I am doing a search tens of times every day.
  17. There's a free utility app which runs in the background and it strips the formatting when you paste in any app. It's called PureText. Also some clipboard managers have an option to remove formatting when pasting. I think ClipX has it.
  18. Once a while a see a note in the Conflicting Changes location. It's bad enough that Evernote doesn't offer any mechanism to resolve them and I have to do it manually using a diff app. Why doesn't it show a clear notification message when a conflict happens? I only know about these conflicts when I I look in that location or when I do a search and I find out the same note is showing up multiple times in the search results.
  19. F3 should go to next occurrence in search. This is almost like a standard in Windows applications. Is there another keyboard shortcut for going to next search occurrence?
  20. The entry in the activity log was a bit technical but now that I know the connection was down, the log entry has more meaning. They should put a tooltip on the sync button to check the activity log. I didn't know it existed.
  21. I tried to sync today and Evernote showed an exclamation mark on the sync option. Hovering over it, right clicking on it didn't tell me what the issue is. I thought it was having problems syncing my notes due to an issue with the notes. Then I found out I didn't have an Internet connection and that was the reason. Evernote needs to tell me *clearly* was the issue is. If the connection is down, then tell me it's unable to connect to the server. Don't just show an exclamation mark and run away! Pretty weak UI. Show all errors and warnings clearly.
  22. I am talking about removing the text's formatting. Not editing the text or url of the link.
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