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  1. Hi, First, I apologize, because I feel self-blame and a sense of guilt towards those responsible for the application, because I sent you an e-mail from months through another email to ask you that the paid system be for life and I discovered that I was wrong for several reasons, the most important of which is that workers on the application are employees who receive monthly salaries, so the matter differs from Other applications As the cloud service differs from the non-cloud service, it is according to my understanding according to my simple understanding, you pay a monthly rent for it. This is what I understood. If you had told me this, if you had responded to my email I would have understood the matter. Secondly, the applications with the monthly payment system do not fit all the entry, not because they do not deserve at all, but they are numerous. If every application I liked subscribed to its monthly payment system, in the end my monthly income will end on the wonderful applications that I love. Third, the solution that I am proposing is to cancel the free system and replace it with a lifetime payment system for some features with other payment systems without prejudice to the features of the monthly payment systems provided that the price of the application is variable according to the average income of the country, so I can pay up to 50 Egyptian pounds or even 3 US dollars forthe free system Or stay free system with a button to make a donation until I get rid of self-blame and a sense of guilt that I use all these benefits for free. We pay our money to buy clothes that we throw after a year, so why not pay for an application that gives us a better life for life? I say this because I am an old programmer and the programmer is the most arduous and useful profession at the same time how long it took programmers from time, effort, experience and error to get us out of this application.now I want to pay or to give part of the price so that I don't feel self-blame. Best wishes
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