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  1. sorry, I'm a newbie and maybe I don't understand something, but what's the problem to copy and paste it?
  2. A lot of site owners stopped using Google Analytics for this reason - information stealing. The most who use Google's platform are the novices, mainly because it is the first platform positioned when searching for "site analytics" on Google. But this ranking doesn't mean that it is the best site analyzer, not at all. I find Finteza being a way better option, with a better interface and without stealing user's information. But of course that another traffic analyzer won't rank higher than Google's on Google, isn't it?
  3. Thanks for the answer, I was already looking for it. Since backlinks are quite important at the moment, when working with sites, maps, and other important data, I believe that this always applies to SEO. However as far as I understand it always refers to backlinks that can promote any topic. Since this is just as important to me, I found a site on various forums in search of information asiavirtualsolutions.com which allowed me to promote client sites myself.
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