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  1. Sorry, @gazumped, I realize I was not clear. There are a couple of things missing here which would enable you to more clearly see where I am at. Since I use Linux only, and Evernote has no dedicated Linux client, and the open source one is not up to par, I have to use the "web app". Which means analytics. For me, Evernote's appeal also had a lot to do with the Web Clipper, so again -- nothing in Evernote's privacy policy prevents them from integrating third-party analytics communication in the add-on (didn't investigate this, though). My notes are rarely of a sensitive nature (as my
  2. Thanks again! @gazumped Yes, Evernote's own usage of info gathered is of course OK, as long as it is used to improve the service as you say. Problem is they're bringing in third party services to do it, whose business model is to collect all info they can and then find ways to capitalize on it. This is OK (actually not, but let's say so for the sake of argument) when the services provided are free of charge, but not inside a paid service, and especially not in a paid service that boasts about keeping your private data private. Services like these should keep far away from
  3. Thank you so much gazumped! Thanks especially for the link to the discussion started by Oliver_ENf2013!! I will admit I did only the usual eye-through of Evernote's privacy policy. (Like most I was impressed by the "we have your back" marketing mumbo jumbo, so I did not pay too much attention.) Now I dug deeper, and it turns out of course I am paying with both money and private data. Now I have to find the time to migrate my data, before cancelling my subscription. There was a time when such sleights-of-hand would be considered fraudulent, but now of course the vast majority couldn't
  4. I am a "premium" user, which means I pay to use Evernote. I suddenly realized Evernote is running analytics on its pages, which makes me wonder how much of my behavior on the site is recorded and fed into the Algorithm. I realize Google and others made the internet "free" (as in "free to rock the chain") by taking personal information, instead of money, in return for their products. I am not sure I feel OK both paying in money AND information, though. Can one opt out of the analytics? Cheers, Tomas from Sweden
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