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  1. If I include a link to NoteA inside of NoteB, when I click on the link (in NoteB) and Evernote jumps to NoteA, there is not an easy way to jump back to NoteB. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this two-way navigation is to manually copy the Note Link for each note into the other note. It would be nice if NoteA would provide somewhere (maybe in the Info menu) a list of all the Notes that contain a reference to the current Note (a BackLink list). The scenario is that I keep a notebook containing a daily work journal of what I've done (one note for each day). I keep a separate notebook containing notes with details about the different projects I'm working on. I like to include a link in my daily journal note to the project note if something significant was done. It would be nice if the project note provided me with a list of all notes that contain a link to it, so that I could quickly jump back to the daily journal notes. Currently, I see these as my alternatives since a BackLink list isn't provided: Use Tags to group the notes Use the navigation history buttons on the menu to jump back. Would this BackLink list feature help you with the way you use Evernote, or should I change my organization methods?
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