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  1. Since upgrading today to 10.24.3, I have had issues where working in one note will suddenly create multiple copies of the same note. I have also found that adding a hyperlink will not work with some links. There is no rhyme or reason to which links it will not allow. For some reason, the link window will simply not apply the change. Not error message is displayed or note shown. Honestly, this is feeling like the last straw. I have seen performance degrade rather then improve. I am also a legacy paying customer who pays every year but has no access to Support.
  2. I restarted Evernote and all my Shortcuts were back. It looks like the bulk tag option swaps out the Recent Notes edited list into the Shortcuts area until you reload it.
  3. In the legacy interface, when you used the Quick Note tool, each screen shot or clip you captured were added into the same note. In the new version, each screen capture you make creates a new note. This makes an awful workflow. I should have the option to either choose to keep things in one note until I save the overall note, or create separate notes. The current approach has rendered the screen capture tool useless to me because I am often grabbing multiple shots for one note. Now I have to create them an merge all the notes. It's also frustrating that I cannot capture a screen capture and add it in the actual Note interface.
  4. I recently selected a bunch of notes and applied one tag to them all. As the process was applying, I saw the notes I have selected for my shortcuts changing. At the end, all of the shortcuts were replaced with notes from the batch that I applied the tag to.
  5. I cannot agree more. I had a nice workflow there I could start adding my title and then open the template. With that button change, I have wasted so much time deleting notes so I can start over. I cope they revert this back ASAP. I have a ticket open on this too.
  6. This really needs to be prioritized. I have seen so many other little features added into the new version that are unimportant ahead of this. This is central to so many workflows for people. If this is in the Coming Soon area, I expect it in the next release. If this is 4 months out, please take it off the Coming Soon and stop teasing.
  7. This is really important especially since we cannot *unmerge* notes if you get it wrong.
  8. I could not agree more. Please add sharing of stacks and notifications for new notes or note changes.
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