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  1. Yeah since there hasn't been an update to fix this yet I have been trying to training myself to select the template first before adding the title. I mess it up about 70% of the time though, it's. Really hope they address this in future updates.
  2. @PinkElephant The problem is that in the previous version, the template button wouldn't disappear until you started typing in the body of the note. Now, the new buttons disappear once you start typing in the body OR the title field. The result is that, if like me, you start with the note title as step one, you can't select your template in the body as step two like before. I hate starting in the body of the note before the title (this is a default setting I wish we could change) and as it stands currently I have to choose a template before I choose a note title. This seems counterintuitive. The way my brain works is "I need to make a note called XYZ, and now I need to select a template that works with the purpose of XYZ note. Not, I need to make a note about XYZ, let me choose a template for XYZ, then go back and call the note XYZ. Does that make sense?
  3. @TonyLim What you're seeing is what I used to see, and functioned the way you're describing. Not sure why my version is different from yours but it is clearly and updated function. When you click on Add Template it gives you suggested templates, when you click on gallery it takes you to the default gallery of templates and your own templates (similar to the Template button on your version). It's an odd UI change particularly because they changed the wording on the buttons.
  4. I'm not sure which forum to post this in, other than the fact that this problem occurred when I loaded the latest version from the tasks beta email I got, so if this isn't the right forum let me know: In the newest version (see below) the option for templates disappears once you add a title. When you create a new note, the cursor defaults to the body of the note above the new template options. If you don't choose a template at that point and add a title, the option to add a template goes away even though the text says "Start writing, drag files, or start from a template". So if, like me, you prefer to title a note before starting on the content, you don't have the option to use a template unless you delete the title and start over from scratch. Hopefully this is a bug and not a feature change - I always title my notes prior to starting any content to avoid a ton of untitled notes. Thanks! 10.15.6-mac-ddl-public (2680) Editor: v125.1.16140 Service: v1.36.3 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  5. Ok so sitting in bed this morning I made a bunch of test notes using the iOS app: regular note, scannable note, rocketbook note, web clip using the iOS share function. They showed up in the iOS app and the web app but not my Mac app. So: I uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app: no change Uninstalled app, restarted computer, reinstall app: no change Logged out of my account, chose the option to not keep a backup locally, uninstalled app, reinstalled app, logged back in. WORKED. So the upshot is that the problem seems to be in the local cache which is causing the syncing issues. So my problem has been resolved for now, after spending two days with the app not working properly and wasting hours of time trying to troubleshoot. I hate that I have to spend all this time troubleshooting v10 every few days, but what I hate even more is that I can't even threaten to leave EN since there still isn't a competitor that does what EN does. I would love for one of these other companies to step up and start adding features that directly compete with EN so that the developers feel the heat and truly debug this software. I actually tested the beta version, gave a lot of feedback, and then was very surprised when they rolled out the public release before most of the tester's concerns were addressed. It has improved over time, but it clearly is still very problematic.
  6. @LeminiI have definitely had that same thing happen: I uninstall the app, re-install it and old out-of-date information appears which then usually syncs up. You'd think it would be a fresh download each time (thats how it worked pre-10). @PinkElephant No I haven't put in a ticket yet - I got frustrated and deleted all the examples yesterday, so it would be hard to test anything with support. I'll see if I can make some examples again when I get a chance this weekend so I can give them something to work with. If I get any answers I'll report back.
  7. I agree with you - it makes no sense. My assumption is that the web app should be the most "pure" version since it's basically the database...but why doesn't it match on the other devices which essentially use the same cloud database as a starting point? At bare minimum discrepancies should be synced up correctly with a clean install at a bare minimum. I have uninstalled multiple times on both my Mac and my phone, complete wipe, restart the device etc. Each time it usually works for a minute but then the next issue comes up. I get that weird things happen, but I should not have to completely uninstall my apps every few days to keep the damn thing working. I have as clean a system as possible, no weird apps that could conflict, no stupid zoom cat-face plugins ... I have a system which should be an ideal environment for software to work. The bottom line is that Evernote is buggy AF and they don't seem to be concerned about this.
  8. Yeah, I can try support, but last time I waited more than two weeks for a reply, and that reply was basically "we can't help you, try using the legacy version, here, take an extra gig of transfer data to try to fix your problem." And as far as the legacy app goes, it does seem to work similar to the web app (currently it shows the same sync level I think as the web app I believe). But how can I know if the sync is truly working? Check every one of my ~4k notes? Additionally, my concern is that if I rely on the legacy version which is no longer being developed and updated, at what point do I do a security update or OS install and it stops working completely? Using legacy software is usually a stopgap for short period of times, but these problems are long-term and do not seem to be getting any better. I appreciate the suggestions but these are things that I have tried before.
  9. This is not a garden variety sync issue unfortunately. I have deleted and reinstalled the app on MacOS and iOS several times recently. I quit and reopen the app dozens of times a day, I restart my computer ... I literally do everything on the list you linked to daily just to get the app to work correctly for day to day use, let alone sync. In most cases I am able to work just on the MacOS on one laptop so I don't have to worry as much about the syncing but the problem has really come to a head trying to create notes on my phone, using scannable, using Rocketbook ... all of the things that I use daily and have been using daily for years ... which now don't work. AND it's not that it isn't just syncing incorrectly ... it's syncing differently between apps ... I see one version on web app, another on iOS, and nothing on MacOS in this case.
  10. Notes are not syncing properly between the iOS app, the web app, and the Mac App. See the attached screenshots. Whenever I create a note in iOS it does not sync correctly with the web app, and does not sync at all with the Mac OS app. To explain this I created several notes on my phone to test the sync (see screen shots below). This includes a regular text based note, a scanned document using the EN iOS app to create note and scan document, and then I have two documents that I scanned using Scannable yesterday. iOS app shows all of the documents with the title of the scanned document edited in iOS correctly changed the web application shows all of the documents but does not show the new title that was edited in iOS (currently 18 minutes since the edit) the Mac application does not show ANY of the documents including the two scannable documents that have been sitting in the notebook for over 24 hours Furthermore, even the sync fail is unreliable: I scanned a document using Rocketbook, and was unable to find the note in my MacOS. However, I could see it in iOS. So I copied the internal link in iOS, then pasted it into an existing note in iOS. I then went back to MacOS which still couldn't see the scanned note, but correctly synced the existing note so I could see the internal link that I had just pasted in iOS. So the existing note synced correctly. I clicked on that "internal" link, which then opened in the web app. The web app opened to the note, but when I clicked on the notebook that contained that note ... the note was not there. At the end of the day, the app does not sync correctly and this can't be blamed on just timing. The web app has still not synced up the notebook in question (now at 25 minutes) and the Mac OS version hasn't synced the notebook correctly in more than 24 hours. Essentially I have three versions of the app with three different sets of information. This is clearly not a product that is working correctly across multiple platforms. Given that none of my other concerns have been addressed by EN staff I'm not expecting much but I wanted to share in case others are having these issues. On a personal note I am heartbroken by how this product has gone from being completely reliable to having issues multiple times a day, literally every single day, doing very mundane tasks like editing notes, making notes, and scanning documents to file in notebooks. I know that the theory is that the detractors are a vocal minority but I cannot believe that. I experience far too many issues for my experience to be an anomaly. And here I've gone and wasted another half hour yelling at the clouds. 10.8.4-mac-ddl-public (2349) Editor: v118.1.15148 Service: v1.28.1 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  11. Update: This morning I signed out both accounts, deleted the local backups for both accounts, restarted my computer, then reinstalled the app and signed in. The app is now working. Developers: Please please please fix these bugs. We can not be expected to reinstall the software every few days in order to continue using it. I had the same issue with the iOS app a few days ago - I had to completely delete the app and reinstall it just to view my task list that I'd made for the day. I have been trying my hardest to give you guys time to sort out the issues with the new build but we are on v10.6+ at this point. Please take this seriously and fix it. Thank you.
  12. I can not get the app to load properly anymore. An hour ago I switched from my personal account to my work account (this worked). Then I switched back to my personal account and all I get is a white screen. I get the little green loading wheel and bar, then it just goes to a white screen. Things I have tried: - quitting and restarting the app - quitting and rebooting my mac - deleting evernote and reinstalling from download - deleting evernote, rebooting my Mac, then resinstalling - Log out of my personal account. This then automatically opens my work account (which seems to be working fine) but then when I log back into my personal account I'm back to the blank white screen. Nothing is working and I'm about to lose my mind. Please help! 10.6.9-mac-ddl-public (2254) Editor: v116.1.14913 Service: v1.26.7 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  13. I am also getting this same white screen and it is making me nuts. I tried to delete and reinstall but it is not working. This is infuriating.
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