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  1. Ok so sitting in bed this morning I made a bunch of test notes using the iOS app: regular note, scannable note, rocketbook note, web clip using the iOS share function. They showed up in the iOS app and the web app but not my Mac app. So: I uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app: no change Uninstalled app, restarted computer, reinstall app: no change Logged out of my account, chose the option to not keep a backup locally, uninstalled app, reinstalled app, logged back in. WORKED. So the upshot is that the problem seems to be in the local cache which is causing the syncing
  2. @LeminiI have definitely had that same thing happen: I uninstall the app, re-install it and old out-of-date information appears which then usually syncs up. You'd think it would be a fresh download each time (thats how it worked pre-10). @PinkElephant No I haven't put in a ticket yet - I got frustrated and deleted all the examples yesterday, so it would be hard to test anything with support. I'll see if I can make some examples again when I get a chance this weekend so I can give them something to work with. If I get any answers I'll report back.
  3. I agree with you - it makes no sense. My assumption is that the web app should be the most "pure" version since it's basically the database...but why doesn't it match on the other devices which essentially use the same cloud database as a starting point? At bare minimum discrepancies should be synced up correctly with a clean install at a bare minimum. I have uninstalled multiple times on both my Mac and my phone, complete wipe, restart the device etc. Each time it usually works for a minute but then the next issue comes up. I get that weird things happen, but I should not have to completely u
  4. Yeah, I can try support, but last time I waited more than two weeks for a reply, and that reply was basically "we can't help you, try using the legacy version, here, take an extra gig of transfer data to try to fix your problem." And as far as the legacy app goes, it does seem to work similar to the web app (currently it shows the same sync level I think as the web app I believe). But how can I know if the sync is truly working? Check every one of my ~4k notes? Additionally, my concern is that if I rely on the legacy version which is no longer being developed and updated, at what point do I do
  5. This is not a garden variety sync issue unfortunately. I have deleted and reinstalled the app on MacOS and iOS several times recently. I quit and reopen the app dozens of times a day, I restart my computer ... I literally do everything on the list you linked to daily just to get the app to work correctly for day to day use, let alone sync. In most cases I am able to work just on the MacOS on one laptop so I don't have to worry as much about the syncing but the problem has really come to a head trying to create notes on my phone, using scannable, using Rocketbook ... all of the things that I us
  6. Notes are not syncing properly between the iOS app, the web app, and the Mac App. See the attached screenshots. Whenever I create a note in iOS it does not sync correctly with the web app, and does not sync at all with the Mac OS app. To explain this I created several notes on my phone to test the sync (see screen shots below). This includes a regular text based note, a scanned document using the EN iOS app to create note and scan document, and then I have two documents that I scanned using Scannable yesterday. iOS app shows all of the documents with the title of the scanned docume
  7. Update: This morning I signed out both accounts, deleted the local backups for both accounts, restarted my computer, then reinstalled the app and signed in. The app is now working. Developers: Please please please fix these bugs. We can not be expected to reinstall the software every few days in order to continue using it. I had the same issue with the iOS app a few days ago - I had to completely delete the app and reinstall it just to view my task list that I'd made for the day. I have been trying my hardest to give you guys time to sort out the issues with the new build but we are on v
  8. I can not get the app to load properly anymore. An hour ago I switched from my personal account to my work account (this worked). Then I switched back to my personal account and all I get is a white screen. I get the little green loading wheel and bar, then it just goes to a white screen. Things I have tried: - quitting and restarting the app - quitting and rebooting my mac - deleting evernote and reinstalling from download - deleting evernote, rebooting my Mac, then resinstalling - Log out of my personal account. This then automatically opens my work account (wh
  9. I am also getting this same white screen and it is making me nuts. I tried to delete and reinstall but it is not working. This is infuriating.
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