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  1. Evernote 8.2 showed up in the Apple App Store today. No mention of it in these forums. I personally haven't had any problems with Evernote 8.x at all up to this point. With all the problems some users have had in the past versions, why hasn't anyone mentioned that here? Were any of the users' specific concerns and problems addressed? Are any still outstanding? Evernote people, why are you not communicating with your customers?
  2. Good lord, I finally got it to work. This really sucks, though.
  3. But after choosing "Add to shortcuts", I see the little green notice box come up that says "Search added to shortcuts", but when I go to the shortcuts, nothing new has been added. I give up.
  4. Ahhhh. Wait. I spoke too soon. I do see it now.
  5. I don't see that option on the iPhone app. No Add to Shortcut option at all.
  6. I didn't before, but I did just now. How do I add a saved search to the shortcuts on the phone? I don't see a way to do that.
  7. I deleted one of my saved searches, and then re-created it and re-added to my shortcuts. After syncing my desktop and phone, I still have nothing new in my shortcuts. *sigh*
  8. So it would appear that we can no longer have saved searches in our shortcuts in the 8.0.4 version. PLEASE FIX THIS! It would be great if the devs would just concentrate on fixing what is broken and not creating more bugs in the process.
  9. I don't know why or how I came up with that syntax. I'm pretty sure I used it based on the advice of someone in another post in these forums a couple years ago. I would be happy to use something else if it would be a better solution.
  10. Yes - look at the examples in my first post in this thread.
  11. I just want to know why some search syntax works in Windows, but not in the other clients. That's odd.
  12. Thanks for that info, Jefito! I was looking for syntax guides, and had way too many tabs open to find what I was looking for. Frustration was beginning to set in. :-)
  13. Update: I got this to work in the web and iOS client by changing the Incomplete Reminders search syntax to: reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:* This syntax has me befuddled, but if it works, I won't complain.
  14. I have some searches saved in my Evernote that work to show complete and incomplete reminders across all of my Notes. The formatting is as shown here: Completed Reminders reminderDoneTime:20100101 reminderOrder:20100101 Incomplete Reminders -reminderDoneTime:20100101 reminderOrder:20100101 These searches work just fine in the Windows Evernote desktop client, but in the web client, the Incompleted Reminders search doesn't show me anything. This search also doesn't work on my iOS client on my phone, either. The Complete Reminders search works fine everywhere. I looked at some other postings and links online, and found others that used these as the search parameters: (New) Completed Reminders reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231 (New) Incomplete Reminders -reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231 As is with my existing saved searches, the (New) Completed Reminders show up fine, but the (New) Incomplete Reminders shows me nothing in the web or iOS client, but works fine in Windows. Is there a better search parameter for completed reminders that I can use that will work everywhere?
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