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  1. This issue still remains. This forum topic should not be marked as solved if the problem still exists, regardless of a workaround. It's not the intended behavior of the app. Is someone going to address this or not? Does support have this bug in a list of things to fix? It sure would be nice to get feedback from someone at Evernote. I realize that these forums aren't official support for Evernote, but hey, it's a link on their website. They should be more engaged and transparent with the customers. Even in the Twitter posts, the best we seem to get is "I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. Give us your email address, or send us a DM so we can work with you directly". How about letting us know what bugs there are and if they being addressed or not?
  2. Still seeing this merge error behavior in 10.12.6. PLEASE FIX YOUR SOFTWARE, EVERNOTE.
  3. No, that's not what I requested. I have that set. I want the app to start in my default notebook, not in all notes.
  4. I have thousands of notes from over 12 years of Evernote use. 99.99% of them are in my archive folder. I usually concentrate on stuff that's in my ~Inbox folder - my "default folder". Please add an option to set the mobile app to start up in the default folder. I don't always have stuff in my ~Inbox folder that's extremely recent, so I either have to manually change the folder from All Notes to my ~Inbox folder, or I have to scroll down through countless notes to find what I need. I still don't use the new interface in the web browser yet (can't merge notes in the new interface, last I tried using it), so I would assume that this behavior exists in there and probably in the new betas. Please make this an option, unless I missed this setting somewhere else.
  5. Evernote 8.2 showed up in the Apple App Store today. No mention of it in these forums. I personally haven't had any problems with Evernote 8.x at all up to this point. With all the problems some users have had in the past versions, why hasn't anyone mentioned that here? Were any of the users' specific concerns and problems addressed? Are any still outstanding? Evernote people, why are you not communicating with your customers?
  6. Good lord, I finally got it to work. This really sucks, though.
  7. But after choosing "Add to shortcuts", I see the little green notice box come up that says "Search added to shortcuts", but when I go to the shortcuts, nothing new has been added. I give up.
  8. I don't see that option on the iPhone app. No Add to Shortcut option at all.
  9. I didn't before, but I did just now. How do I add a saved search to the shortcuts on the phone? I don't see a way to do that.
  10. I deleted one of my saved searches, and then re-created it and re-added to my shortcuts. After syncing my desktop and phone, I still have nothing new in my shortcuts. *sigh*
  11. So it would appear that we can no longer have saved searches in our shortcuts in the 8.0.4 version. PLEASE FIX THIS! It would be great if the devs would just concentrate on fixing what is broken and not creating more bugs in the process.
  12. I don't know why or how I came up with that syntax. I'm pretty sure I used it based on the advice of someone in another post in these forums a couple years ago. I would be happy to use something else if it would be a better solution.
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