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  1. Evernote 8.2 showed up in the Apple App Store today. No mention of it in these forums. I personally haven't had any problems with Evernote 8.x at all up to this point. With all the problems some users have had in the past versions, why hasn't anyone mentioned that here? Were any of the users' specific concerns and problems addressed? Are any still outstanding? Evernote people, why are you not communicating with your customers?
  2. Good lord, I finally got it to work. This really sucks, though.
  3. But after choosing "Add to shortcuts", I see the little green notice box come up that says "Search added to shortcuts", but when I go to the shortcuts, nothing new has been added. I give up.
  4. Ahhhh. Wait. I spoke too soon. I do see it now.
  5. I don't see that option on the iPhone app. No Add to Shortcut option at all.
  6. I didn't before, but I did just now. How do I add a saved search to the shortcuts on the phone? I don't see a way to do that.
  7. I deleted one of my saved searches, and then re-created it and re-added to my shortcuts. After syncing my desktop and phone, I still have nothing new in my shortcuts. *sigh*
  8. So it would appear that we can no longer have saved searches in our shortcuts in the 8.0.4 version. PLEASE FIX THIS! It would be great if the devs would just concentrate on fixing what is broken and not creating more bugs in the process.
  9. I don't know why or how I came up with that syntax. I'm pretty sure I used it based on the advice of someone in another post in these forums a couple years ago. I would be happy to use something else if it would be a better solution.
  10. Yes - look at the examples in my first post in this thread.
  11. I just want to know why some search syntax works in Windows, but not in the other clients. That's odd.
  12. Thanks for that info, Jefito! I was looking for syntax guides, and had way too many tabs open to find what I was looking for. Frustration was beginning to set in. :-)
  13. Update: I got this to work in the web and iOS client by changing the Incomplete Reminders search syntax to: reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:* This syntax has me befuddled, but if it works, I won't complain.
  14. I have some searches saved in my Evernote that work to show complete and incomplete reminders across all of my Notes. The formatting is as shown here: Completed Reminders reminderDoneTime:20100101 reminderOrder:20100101 Incomplete Reminders -reminderDoneTime:20100101 reminderOrder:20100101 These searches work just fine in the Windows Evernote desktop client, but in the web client, the Incompleted Reminders search doesn't show me anything. This search also doesn't work on my iOS client on my phone, either. The Complete Reminders search works fine everywhere. I looked at some other postings and links online, and found others that used these as the search parameters: (New) Completed Reminders reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231 (New) Incomplete Reminders -reminderDoneTime:00011231 reminderOrder:00011231 As is with my existing saved searches, the (New) Completed Reminders show up fine, but the (New) Incomplete Reminders shows me nothing in the web or iOS client, but works fine in Windows. Is there a better search parameter for completed reminders that I can use that will work everywhere?
  15. I did manage to find a kludgey way around the auto-start issue. Open an explorer window and type in " shell:AppsFolder" in the address box to open the apps folder. Look for the Evernote icon, right-click and save a shortcut to the desktop. Then open "shell:startup" and put that shortcut in there and it will load up at startup. It doesn't load up minimized to the system tray like the regular desktop app does, but at least it auto-loads. I may just go back to the regular desktop app instead. At least I now know how to auto-start any app, regardless of whether it's a desktop app, or a UWP app. ;-)
  16. Well, if that's the case, then that option needs to be removed from the app! :-P
  17. I had posted in there too, regarding not being able to get the new version from the store. I thought it would be best to start a new thread, but I'll chime in there as well. Thanks.
  18. I got the Microsoft Store version working, but it doesn't seem to start automatically with Windows, even though I have the option checked. Is there any way I can tweak a setting somewhere to force this until a fix is available?
  19. I downloaded and installed the Evernote app replacement for Evernote Touch from the Microsoft Store, and removed the desktop version and everything seems to run just fine, except that even though the app has a check next to the option to automatically start with Windows, it doesn't. I was curious if it would after I sifted through all of the Autoruns startup tasks, and I saw nothing in there for Evernote at all. Is there a way I can manually add something to make it auto-start until a fix comes?
  20. DUDE. Thanks so much for that helpful, valuable tip. I thought I was going crazy! It would have been helpful if that information was relayed in the tech blogs or in the app store. Or in some press release. Would have been helpful. Thanks again!
  21. I managed to get Evernote from the Microsoft Store on my home PC. It is essentially the same as the Windows desktop client. I removed the desktop client and it works just fine. However, I tried to download the Windows 10 version of Evernote from the Microsoft Store on my work PC (logged in with the same Microsoft account to the store app), and it keeps downloading Evernote Touch. Why is my work PC downloading the touch version?
  22. I'm not sure when this broke, but I used to be able to click a note link when one was shown in a web page link, and it would open in my locally installed app. It used to be that the first time I would click an Evernote link in a web page, if the computer had the Evernote app installed, I would get a notification page in Chrome that would prompt me to choose whether to open the links in the Evernote web page, or in my locally installed application. I could choose the local app and make that the default. Now, when I click a link, the web version of Evernote pops up, and I can't get it to open in the app. I found an article related to this from about a year ago, and it said to remove all Evernote cookies from Chrome. I've tried doing this, but nothing has helped to make it work. Is this how things are going to be from now on? Or did someone break this functionality with the latest update? I would be happy to use the web version of Evernote, but it has so much functionality missing from it that I need from the local app. If the web version was on par with the app, I wouldn't care about this. But I really want my links to open in the app, not in the web page.
  23. Yes, I've used the web clipper. It adds a lot of nice info to the note, but I just want to be able to play the video inline from inside the note. I don't want to have to launch a browser window to watch it. OneNote 2016 does this beautifully.
  24. Today, I read that OneNote now will support embedded video links to several video services, most notably, YouTube. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3062990/apps/onenote-gets-easy-video-embedding-and-many-more-new-features.html I know this has been requested countless times. Can we please get this functionality in Evernote?
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