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  1. For windows: In general evernote has problems with some shortcuts that involve the Ctrl key. Personally, I am assigned to "open all notes" with the key combination: Alt+2 and "Search in evernote" with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F Now to solve your problem you can do the following: 1. Open "search in evernote" (in my case Ctrl + Shift + F) 2. Now press the key combination that shows all the notes (in my case Alt+2). 3. Evernote will implicitly search everywhere, regardless of whether it was in a notebook. Video demostration: 2024-04-02_23-52-07.mp4
  2. @pickuprizzlines Speaking of Evernote 10, how does Mac offer a different experience on macOS as opposed to Windows? According to opinions, does Evernote 10 perform better on iOS than on Windows? I will soon buy a Mac computer and I would also like to know your experiences, especially of @PinkElephant because I know you are a mac user and very active in these forums
  3. I notice that in a message above you sent a message to the account feeback@evernote.com instead of feedback@evernote.com, perhaps that is the error. You can also submit a ticket to technical support: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Or write in the Twitter threads where they publish the news: https://twitter.com/i/bookmarks?post_id=1765440225013019100 https://twitter.com/evernote/status/1765437123300139021
  4. Feel free to tell the company how you feel with feedback@evernote.com
  5. Feel free to tell the company how you feel with feedback@Evernote.com - we're mainly other users here!
  6. Yes, I use the "ctrl+/" key combination to focus my note in the note's list, however it is a minor detail and I can change the action with another key combination.
  7. It was to be expected but I am realizing that the new change breaks any key combination that involves the slash.
  8. I'm starting to get used to reading "it will be a gradual development." It seems that they urgently need to release new features even if they are incomplete or unstable. Let's hope they listen to the suggestions of their users and that the ship reaches a safe port...
  9. I think that with this feature they are trying to attract Notion users. That's fine, but they also need to take care of the loyal users they still have left... With such intrusive changes they should offer the possibility of deactivating the message.
  10. I think the same, it is quite annoying to have the message constantly. For now we will have to adapt and learn to live with this 💩 In addition to sending the message to the feedback email, you can also write your feedback to the twitter account of @evernote and Federico Simionato @fedesimio
  11. I thought it would work but I tried to downgrade to evernote 10.78.2 to remove the annoying slash message but nothing, it keeps coming up.
  12. I don't need to be reminded in every paragraph that with slash I insert an element, it really is an emotional challenge to ignore the message and stay productive
  13. @gazumpedI didn't know that I could send feedback to Evernote through that email. I have already submitted my need to have a parameter to disable the "press / to insert an element..." message. Thanks for sharing.
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