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  1. What kind of shortcuts do you have (notes, notebooks, stacks, saved searches)? Do they all refer to the same wrong note or to different random notes? I have notes, notebooks and tags. They refer to different (random) notes. When I click on the notebook shortcut then it refers me to the tag which is random (I didn't select it as shortcut), whilst some shortcuts don't bring any actions ie. nothing happens when I click them. 3 shortcuts are working properly. I have 26 shortcuts, some refer to local notebooks, some to online, but there is no pattern here, both refer to wrong random places. When I shift to left panel everything works fine.
  2. Hello! This is great idea to bring Shortcuts Toolbar back ! Unfortunately (like in v.4) it doesn't work for me, when I click the shortcut it refers me to different note than expected. If I switch to Left Panel it works fine. I'm on Win8
  3. Hello All, I have problems with sending mails to evernote mail. When I forward the message to evernote mail they dont appear in the Evernote, neither Web client nor Windows 8. One mail was forwarded but it only appears in Web client and not in EN Windows client. Anybody experience this issue ? Also on GA
  4. +1 Same for Iphone/Ipad. When I click on some link it redirects me to the note in the app but some of the link redirect me to evernote page. Also I opened one of the note in Iphone with the Numbering and it has chaged some of the points to the bullet points which destroyed the whole structure.
  5. I couldn't sync, it 'says' can't sync due to unexpected action on client side. Then I uninstalled everything and tried once more but it was the same. I went back to 2637 version.
  6. Okhttp://imgur.com/SJFubSf On the picture you can see "k.workshop" tag has 2 notes. But if I click on that it doesn't show me these two notes. I have to write manually "k.workshop" in the tag search window (this blue light above notes list) to find these notes. This is a bug or ? Great, thanks. Got it, I think. You need click on the magnifying glass, and select "Search Current Context". I don't understand why picking that in the default setting ("Search All Notes") doesn't work; it's pretty counter-intuitive that nothing happens. On the other hand, I never use "Search All Notes" anyways, so it doesn't bother me (and that's why it didn't occur to me earlier), but this seems like a behavior that needs to be addressed. Yes now it works, thanks!
  7. Ok http://imgur.com/SJFubSf On the picture you can see "k.workshop" tag has 2 notes. But if I click on that it doesn't show me these two notes. I have to write manually "k.workshop" in the tag search window (this blue light above notes list) to find these notes. This is a bug or ?
  8. If I understand this correctly: If there's a light blue tag label in the search control, then that means that you're already filtering using that tag, so clicking on it doesn't do anything. You can hover over it until you see an 'x' icon appear, and when you click on that, it should remove that tag from the current filter. Jefito, thank you for answering. Light blue label appears above the list of the notes. I am talking here about the search box which I have on my right/top. The good thing about that search box is that it finds the tags which have some word in it, not necessarily starting with that word (like the light blue search above the notes for tags only which only shows the tags which start on certain word) so when I put the word in that main / top-right search box it shows me tags which have that word, but then when I click on the tag it doesn't show me the notes with that tag which I think should be expected activity, or I am doing something wrong?
  9. Hello, When I want to click the Tag which comes up in the (main) search box it doesn't bring that note, infact nothing happens. Do you experience the same? was it reported? Win 8 / EN newest beta
  10. Could you explain why it is 'slim to none'? If I generate a shared URL for an Evernote note, the URLs are very, very long. As long as I don't share that URL with anyone other than another one of my notes, I'd venture to say it's impossible for someone to simply "guess" or stumble upon the URL. Someone would need to be actively generating possible URLS & checking to see if they exist. So yes, it's probably possible for a hacker to use a ton of CPU cycles & some automated program & find my shared note. But I'd say it's very unlikely. Compound that with the fact that my shared notes do not contain sensitive data. So in the unlikely chance someone did find my shared note, it's probably going to be of very little interest to them. Thank you. Also when building the link-database in local notebook is bit scary for me, let's say that EN one day will remove the option of local notebooks or links within them, then I cannot move it to online notebook, I cannot export it to some other environment, basically I cannot do nothing and will be forced to do everything from the scratch.
  11. First, no, notebooks cannot be changed from sync'd to local or vice versa. This is pointed out to the user in a dialog box when creating the notebook, at least on the Windows client. Second, even if you could, the note links would not work anyway, since note links are dependent upon GUIDs which can/do change when a note is moved from a sync'd note to a non-sync'd note & vice versa. This is evidenced by the fact that when you create a new note in a sync'd notebook in your desktop client, if you try to copy the note link before the note has been sync'd, the app actually does a sync before it returns the note link to you. You could use tags to tie the notes together. Or a workaround is to use a unique number to identify notes you want tied together. I use the password generator tool in Roboform but you can use an online (free) random number/password generator, as long as the result is a unique number to your system. I take the "password" & make an entry into all the notes like this: Reference # my_random_number Once I see one note I'm looking for, I know to search EN on that reference number in order to find all the notes that are "linked". I used this method before EN incorporated note links. I still use it fairly often b/c I have multiple accounts & share notebooks between some of them. So when I'm in account B & am working on some notes that I want to link together & that will eventually be transferred over to account A, the EN copy note links won't transfer between the accounts. I initially tried using the sharing option to get note URLs, but they are very long & I don't want all my notes to be publicly available, eventhough the chances of anyone stumbling upon them is slim to none. Neither of these methods work as the EN note links does. Thank you. I am doing it again in local now (sixth hour now)
  12. Hi there, (Win 8 / En4) Is there a way to switch from the online to local notebook? I have build database with clients info in local notebook including links, base working similar to wiki. Now due to security issues I thought that it would be better to keep those info in local notebook (safer protection before hackers etc) When I just move the notes (with links) to local notebooks the links doesn't work, hence the only solution would be to make the whole thing again in local (links connection). Is there any other way? Thank you, Rafal
  13. You don't need to log out. But many copy functions will not copy/backup if the file is open. So you need to have EN fully closed. There are some copy/backup apps that will backup an open file, but IMO, it's best to have it closed because it could possibly backup a file that's only half updated. IE, if you're moving several notes from one notebook to another, the copy may take place while EN is in the middle of moving the notes. And if you had to restore from that backup file, it may be problematic. Thank you!
  14. Thank you! my question was: if you have to log out from evernote to copy the file (I was reading it somewhere in EN Tutorial, that log out is necessary to the backup becomes safe)?
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