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  1. Hello I have an search-issue here, where I want to search for a word It shows 2299 notes but I am able to see only small part of it, as when I filter it with the Title it is only up to some numbers, how to see all notes? Anyone else have this issue?
  2. I just bought mac and I am very happy abouy it. One cannot compare the speed of Ev10 on Mac and Win, so much difference! Working in the Win version was horror! Maybe here is not pefect but its huge huge difference. At least now, hope it will not slow down Thanks for tips guys
  3. Oh really? Someone told me that the Mac version works smooth, I though it’s only the windows version problem
  4. Thanks for info I will take a risk and hope it will run on crossover
  5. It seems only via crossover it’s possible ? https://www.google.com/amp/s/9to5mac.com/2020/11/18/m1-macs-can-now-run-windows-apps-and-games-through-crossover-20/amp/
  6. Thanks a lot. Unfortunately there is no alternative to that software I use as it is quite niche branch (astrology) and there is no alternative for the work I want to do with it. So what would be the best way to run it? It is the only soft from windows I need, rest I can get from Mac versions or web based. I understand that I can’t use it with the standard Wine? Also crossover the 60€ version won’t me to run this? I don’t want any parallel system like installing full windows I just want small emulator for small software. What would be your advice for this ?
  7. What about crossover? I have seen many YouTube’s with how people are running even games on m1 with crossover? Isn’t that possible yet ? That’s very bad news as the main software I use for my job run only on windows
  8. Yes I used Mac before for creating music and dj'ing. I am buying new Mac Pro M1 I am very happy to hear that the issues/slow/lag is not so heavy as on Windows (unbearable). I have 31000 notes. Other challenges are 1) ability to connect 2 monitors, I ve researched that only 1 monitor can be added, but I hope to add another one through USB adapter (like in my pc now). 2) To run the win-software for my work using the Wine app (I've also read there were some challneges with that with the new M1 Mac).
  9. Hello guys! I wanna buy new laptop, I am thinking Mac Book Pro, Spectre or Dell xps. Since I am using mainly (80%) evernote for my work I am wondering if evernote on iOS performance is similar to windows or is much worse/better (on version 10 of EV)? I know that ev.10 has its own issues on both mac and windows I am also using 2 additonal monitors, one through vga driver, the other one with USB (on my current pc asus laptop) I wonder if I could do that on the Macbook Pro - probbaly would have to buy vga adapter and then use also usb adapter. Any tips are super welcome! What you guys recommend?
  10. The search returns me "couldn't find the note" when there are plenty notes with the word given
  11. White window when running 10.8 Then tried to terminate via task manager - 3 times to start properly Blank
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