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  1. Yes it is bit quicker. Still far from being usable when it comes to lag. and still the white screen - have to terminate via task manager to run again
  2. And it's not only slowness of evernote, but when the v10 is runninng it take so much memory that every other software is lagging too. Imagine, how horrible it has to be that the authors are convincing you to use the older version.
  3. When I am watching their official Evernote calm youtube videos I am wondering if they are living on another planet or we have the same software. The update is catastrophe, most of the users cannot work with it because it is so laggy, not to mentioning their lack of response in the next and next update about possibility to change the keyboard shortcuts. If that would be other company, workers will be afraid to show this level of development of this software to the boss what to talk about releasing it to the wider public. People would get fired for such mistakes.
  4. Hi! Why typing affair+death doesn't bring me notes with affair AND death word like it should?
  5. Would be great if ctrl shift H for highlight, highligthed actual chosen colour - and not always yellow
  6. Hello Please add the sorting options by Tags and by Location for the search results. I can't find the option to rename the tag.
  7. Unfortunately this is the standard way to start Evernote nowadays for me. Start, then Task Manager - > abort -> restart.
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