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  1. In the previous version I could make normal search for some body word. And then sort the search result by location by clicking on the locaction column button - not its not possible
  2. Thanks for suggestion In the evernote web also the tag is lost, so it must have been lost somewhere in the way when syncing in the legacy version
  3. It finished syncing in legacy version then I uninstalled totally everything with revo uninstaller and now installed it again and seems the tag is lost in that note
  4. Hello I have also seen that there is no way to sort the searched notes or any notes by location, is this right?
  5. hello, I am writing in search button ”seventh house” but it gives me notes in return which has the word seventh and the word house but not in the exact phrase ”seventh house” It stopped working in v10 or I do sth wrong?
  6. I am quite sure that I had tag attached to one note which is no longer there, anyone else noticed tags loss?
  7. Yes I am using Revo Uninstaller v 6.25.2 with Advanced Scanning Mode. But it takes so long time that it cannot finish. I made the backup already. Now I try to uninstall both versions and then install v10 again but Revo cant make it finish, dont know why. It takes so long. I have bit slow internet here, but I think it doesnt depend on net speed.. bit confused
  8. Yes I have synced everything and Evernote Web on Windows also has shown all the notes. I uninstalled the v10 then Installed again and it wont start. Don't know what to do now. They didn't answer even my first ticket so that would take too long
  9. Hello Everybody! I installed Legacy, then moved all to online notebooks like advised. Then I installed 10 but now something happens that Evernote will not even start. Any help please
  10. There is another dillema. Some people say the links between notes which are exported from local to online will be working in some future versions. But now if I first copy the notes in Legacy Version from Local to Online - then the functionality of links probably is over. Whilst when I import the whole saved folders in EV10 maybe the links will be working in some future versions? What do you think about it?
  11. I am doing that now. Problem is that it is around 60 local notebooks and it is synchronising already 2 day with the Evernote 10! I am also sad that the links between the local-notes function no more. I build strong database like wikipedia around my work, it took my few years - now this is completely useless as when i move the notes to online notebooks the link dont work. I stoped the sync in Evernote 10 and will copy the notes to the online mirror folders as advised - maybe in legacy version the sync will be faster. Thanks again
  12. So there is hope! Thanks a lot! Where is the legacy version? Can I use both or have to uninstall 10 first ?
  13. I am getting the error when importing the local notebook. It always stops on 7 note and cant go further. The error comes up - one couldnt import the notes. These are very important notebooks for me - what to do? any ideas? I already sent a ticket but maybe there is some quick fix?
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