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  1. Well said. I truly do not agree with this divisiveness, which begins at the top where management has been marginalising a "small percentage" (3-5%, now mysteriously 10%) of users who use "niche" functions such as tags and are just being overreacting whiners. Watch the earlier CEO interview with Tom Solid a few weeks ago to see how dismissive he was of the "5% problem". The more they successfully dismiss and marginalise such "power users", the better management looks. All this is to gaslight and obscure the reality that even EXTREMELY BASIC functions of the app like opening, creating, moving notes and folders are objectively that much slower and harder to do. Forget about the "power users" rhetoric and manufactured schism and let's just consider instead "heavy users", people who rely on EN a lot for their daily tasks, but may only use basic functions. I am a "heavy user". Happily paid premium fees for much of the past decade, take all my notes at work and study with EN. V10 is gradually driving me crazy like a Lovecraftian POV character with all the extra clicks and countless negative surprises over the past few weeks. Where's the preferences? Why can't I drag and drop more than one item around like we've been able to since the bygone era of Windows 3.1 and earlier? Once it couldn't even load up and was stuck at a loading screen, a spinning green wheel, when I had to pull out some information urgently, and I felt really anxious and let down. You don't need to be a power user, only a heavy user, to realise the many steps backwards V10 is in terms of not just missing features but also vastly inferior user experience. On the bright side, I also agree that most people posting here are actually of one mind: passionately and helpfully trying to find the best solution to their own and each others' productivity needs, whether that means EN 10 or Legacy or another app.
  2. YES. That shifting of the goalpost from 95-97% to 90% stuck out to me too. And I fully agree with you, beyond the feature loss is the crippled UX that's frankly so worse to me at least than the missing features. Every additional click, every thing being noticeably slower than it used to be...
  3. Finally they half-address this as a problem, but more positive spin and dangling the carrot of new features and fixes to come. Hiding in Ian's response though is a) more downplaying of power users' woes, b) claiming that the beta/QA was "extensive" when it didn't take long for many of us to notice major issues, c) subtle shifting of the goalpost of how many users would be satisfied with V10 (90% of users' needs... he said 95-97% previously). What continues to worry me is that beyond the features missing, the UX has gotten so, so much worse (more clicks, shortcuts don't work, you can't even drag and drop multiple notes!!!!!). Ian claims that this was a conscious decision to make a tradeoff. Did they PURPOSELY kneecap the UX of a product in order to make it look prettier in their eyes, or are their engineers simply incapable of better after 2 years in the oven?
  4. I cannot be the only one seeing the jarring discrepancy here between what EN defenders are saying and what EN is plainly saying about its own product. The folks staunchly defending Evernote are fervently saying that V10 clearly isn't a finished product, and the hysterical whiners should just patiently stick to Legacy while V10 catches up and stop complaining, or just quit already and move on since they hate EN so much. But CEO Ian Small himself said plainly in an interview with Tom Solid on YouTube that, from EN's perspective, only a "very small minority" of users would feel bothered by V10's missing features. In the CEO's view, this is a mainly finished product with features that would please the bulk of its users (eg. he also was of the opinion somehow that only a very tiny percentage of EN users use tags, 3-5% if I recall, an assertion I find hard to believe). Wake up, people. I don't think they deserve our faith.
  5. Sigh so this is happening to me too. I'm on 10.4.3. By the way this is my first post ever on these forums, have been an extremely happy and silent premium for most of the last decade and I feel really betrayed by this *****. I know there's a strong contingent of die-hards who denigrate people who are complaining here or suggesting that we move to other apps, and understand that from their perspective all this is not constructive and should just be patient. I get where they're going but it doesn't change the reality that Ver 10 is user unfriendly at best at plain unusable at worst, and that many of us have been inconvenienced by it. I also don't feel like "just stick to Legacy and quit complaining" is a solution either, since this is like ignoring the lifeboats on a sinking ship and heading instead to a section that isn't wet (yet). 🙁
  6. This would be great. Simplify formatting should only remove the formatting like fonts / etc. that were from the original website / article, and retain the formatting that users applied - such as bold / underlines / strikethrough and yes HIGHLIGHT. Another thing: for me, "simplify formatting" also tends to crash the entire program fairly often.
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