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  1. I used to switch between Evernote and other apps using url scheme like omnifocus:///... inside my notes, however, I found that it no longer works in the latest version, did I miss anything? Thank you for any help or information!
  2. “Simplify formatting” would retain styles such as Bold or Strikethrough, but not Highlight. Is it possible to "simplify formatting" a note without removing all the "highlight" within? Thank you!
  3. Is it possible to search for a note with its GUID in Evernote Mac or Evernote web? As I saw there's an error message ([EDAMBatchingNoteStoreClient enumerateContentForNotes:andResources: withAuthenticationToken :usingBlock:failureBlock:]) in the Activity Log window, which only shows the note GUID, but not the note title. I also searched for that GUID in my ~/Library folder, but no such note/folder presents. I just wonder which note is related to that error message. Thank you!
  4. Is there any update to this “conflict changes” problem? Sync conflict frequently happens after upgrading to 6.12.1.
  5. Same issue since I moved to chrome from safari a few months ago. Is there any solution?
  6. Just tried the latest version of Cloud Outliner, it doesn't support Evernote note link, it even removes all note links previously created in Evernote! Make a backup before syncing your notes with it!
  7. Thank all! With the help of an Evernote Expert after contacting Evernote Support, I figured out that it is due to the integration of Nozbe. After removing the connection, no public link was created again by setting a reminder!
  8. Thank you very much for the testings and replies! At least I now know it doesn't happen to others.
  9. Thank you for all the replies! I'm using Evernote for Mac. However, I think it is not related to the platform. As even when I add a task by using my Evernote email address, with an “!” in the subject (the syntax to set a reminder to the note), that note will has its “public link” too. Normally a note doesn't have a “public link” until we use the menu item “Note > More Sharing > Copy Public Link” to create one. However, when I: 1. Set a reminder for a note; 2. Perform a sync; 3. Wait for the sync to finish; 4. A “public link” for that note is created automatically
  10. When I add a reminder to a note, the note will also create its public link at the same time. I know I could remove the link manually afterwards, but I rather want to stop it from creating at the first place. Does anyone know how to break this “link creating” relationship with adding a reminder? Thank you!
  11. Thanks for your reply! But the note no longer presents in any of my notebooks, I wouldn't use that feature to restore the information. Maybe one of the empty notes I found previously in the Trash was the note with the photo, that could be restored using history; but when I checked the Trash folder, all notes there were empty notes, so I emptied it.
  12. Thanks for your reply! No. In the Trash Notebook, there were only the two empty text notes, not the note with the captured document...
  13. I updated to the latest iOS app hours ago. Afterwards, I used it to capture a new photo note, seeing the note stored in the app, I shred the document. Then I want to add another photo note by tagging the + button, and it created a new text note, so I choose "Move to Trash." After two times, suddenly I found that the saved photo note was gone! Not in my "All Notes" or "Trash"! Then I rushed to my Mac, I could see that note present in Evernote for Mac, but then it synced, and the note was gone as well... Now the document was shredded, and the note disappears forever...
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