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  1. What you’re describing is the official Evernote share sheet option. Sadly, that feature doesn’t work for the articles I try to save in most instances, and the formatting it saves the page in is not very desirable. I’m using a custom iOS Shortcut that does a fantastic job of simplifying things by only saving the body of the article. This saves the content, and any images, in an easy to read format within Evernote. It’s very accurate and always works without issue. However, my shortcut doesn’t save the URL properly into the info icon area that you show above. And I also want to place a copy of the URL at the top of the article. I hope that explains my situation more clearly.
  2. Unfortunately not. I’m trying to create a custom shortcut. I’m struggling with using the variables and custom actions.
  3. Curious — could one possibly use this to copy/paste a tweet URL and create a nicely formatted tweet to appear within a note?
  4. Hi, I have a Siri Shortcut that does a great job of saving an article to Evernote with the share sheet, but I have two needs I have been unable to program correctly. I want to append the URL of the article I’m saving at the top of the note as a link. And I’d love to save the URL to that URL field of the note. Nothing I’ve tried has been able to solve this. Would anyone have a recommendation on what I can set in my action list to accomplish this?
  5. This is fantastic! Thank you so much @DTLow for making this a reality! I really appreciate it and plan to dig into it further to learn each aspect of this code. I hope you find it just as useful. Below is the full source I'm running at the moment. A few comments I had, I'm not sure what options you'd recommend. 1. In the note selector that pops up, the date overpowers the title. Might recommend minimizing date format and/or perhaps add some type of delimiter. 2. My pop-up window starts at 1 line only; even if there's more than one option to choose from. Is there a way to increase its height or make height dynamic? See screenshot attached. 3. If it doesn't find a match, should we display a dialog that indicates this? tell application "Evernote" to set theOriginalNote to item 1 of (get selection) tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} delay 1 set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" set theLink to ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) if theLink is not "" then set theLinkHTML to "<a href=\"" & theLink & "\">" & selectedText & "</a>" tell application "Evernote" set theHTMLCode to HTML content of theOriginalNote set theHTMLCode to my Replace_Text(theHTMLCode, selectedText, theLinkHTML) set HTML content of theOriginalNote to theHTMLCode end tell end if on Replace_Text(this_text, search_string, replacement_string) set prevTIDs to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the search_string set the item_list to every text item of this_text set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the replacement_string set this_text to the item_list as string set AppleScript's text item delimiters to prevTIDs return this_text end Replace_Text on CollectnoteData(searchQuery) set noteData to {} tell application "Evernote" set theNotes to find notes searchQuery repeat with theNote in theNotes set theTitle to title of theNote set theDate to creation date of theNote set theLink to note link of theNote display dialog theTitle & " " & theDate & theLink set end of noteData to {theTitle & " " & theDate, theLink} end repeat end tell return noteData end CollectnoteData on ObtainNoteLink(searchQuery) set theLink to "" set noteData to CollectnoteData(searchQuery) if noteData is not {} then set noteList to {} set i to 0 repeat with noteInfo in noteData set i to i + 1 set end of noteList to i & " " & item 1 of noteInfo as string end repeat set i to (words 1 thru 1 of item 1 of (choose from list noteList with prompt "Select Note from " & searchQuery)) as integer set theNote to item i of noteData set theLink to item 2 of theNote end if return theLink end ObtainNoteLink
  6. Nice, I’ll give this a try this morning! Looks like I have a lot of dissecting to do on these last few steps to learn from. 👍🏻
  7. So CollectnoteData is a custom function you're creating?
  8. I have the scripts available now in my toolbar, thanks! I've saved what I had so far to this file. Testing directly in the scripts editor gets the correct result. If I highlight text in the Evernote note, and then select the script from the toolbar, nothing is happening yet. tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} delay 1 set selectedText to the clipboard set searchQuery to "intitle:\"" & selectedText & "\"" tell application "Evernote" to find notes searchQuery
  9. Cool feature! I wasn't aware. I'll check it out! I was trying to add it as a right-click "Services" menu item, but wasn't getting anywhere. I thought that might be cool to highlight the word and quickly right-click. A keyboard shortcut might be a good idea as well. I do have TextExpander installed and thought I might be able to come up with something for it. In the script editor, I was experimenting with something similar! I was stuck on how to pass that selectedText to the tell statement. tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {command down} delay 1 set selectedText to the clipboard
  10. Thanks! So far, I've ran the script from the editor and it's returning the correct result in a data array. Had a thought, it might be beneficial if we kept it to this array of possible results, in a way we could choose one to apply as a link, so we wouldn't have to target the exact title. That may work better (which I think alludes to your original question).
  11. Thanks @DTLow for the reply! To answer your questions, I was thinking the same. Here’s where I currently stood on those... I don’t mind typing a note title, it was meant to be a reference to the note I’d be typing it for. Hopefully I’m interpreting your question on this correctly. if multiple match, and I know that to be true scenario for me, it would be INCREDIBLE to get a drop down to choose from, that shows a list of possible matches with title/created date. However, coming back down from the cloud in the sky, I would gladly default to most recent. I know it’s not fool-proof, but for my purposes it would still serve well 99% of the time. No match? No link. i’m not familiar with proper HTML formatting for Evernote. I am familiar with HTML in general. I have no prior experience with AppleScript, but I guess we’ve got to start somewhere Greatly appreciate any assistance! 🙏🏻
  12. I stumbled across a feature in another piece of software I would love to try and recreate for Evernote and thought it might be doable in Evernote Mac with AppleScript. However, I know nothing about how to create AppleScripts with Evernote I would love to add a keyword phrase within brackets (or manually highlight the string) and have AppleScript search for a note with this title and set a link to it. Any help or guidance on if and how this is possible with AppleScript (or other software) would be greatly appreciated!
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