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Edge Case: Sharing from Podcast Addict on Android

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I'm well aware this is an edge case but I thought I would post about since it may point to some deeper issues.  One of the reasons I pay for premium is so that I can share podcast episodes along with show notes to Evernote.  It makes it much easier to find them when I want them.  Using Podcast Addict and Evernote pre-version 10 this was a breeze.  I would select "Share episode file" in Podcast Addict and the mp3 file and a nicely formatted copy of the shownotes would appear in Evernote.  In version 10 all I get is the MP3 file and I have to do some extra copying and pasting to get the show notes.  Not a major hassle but still extra steps and something the developers might want to think about once they get the kinks out of basic things like making tagging a bit less excrutiating.

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