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  1. Guys, please get the damn basics right - I don't want a new home, auto scannimg or any other fancy stuff if you're unable to do the basics. Besides my MacOS Evernote app always showing blanck notes after the app is open for several days, now the iOS app won't synch. Details: Notes creates on the iPhone won't sync (see screenshot) Evernote status page: no issues. Background app refress: enabled. (see screenshot) Manual synch: spins forever, no confirmation of finish. (see screenshot) Phone has been restarted. I will not rei
  2. Guys, from the bottom of my heart, please read this and circulate it across all levels: I've been with you guys since 2001. A real fan. Now I am doing an effort to continue with Evernote. You were great and navigated in a blue ocean, which was both a blessing and a curse. The lack (until recently) of competition made you inward-centric, leading to the product losing its edge. For the outside, an Evernote with hunger to create fanatical customers became an old memory. I see synching errors, poor capturing (share sheets), new app versions losing established features - the basic stuff
  3. Currently I prefer One Note because I can draw directly on the note, while in Evernote I need to insert a Sketch. Besides taking more work, the sketch limits the canvas size. On One Note the canvas is flexible.
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