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  1. Just opening this up - as I'm still not clear what it does? I've switched it on (hoping it would do something for me) but I can't see any difference. In the above explanation - I don't know what the following means - I assume I running Evernote a different way - could someone enlighten me? What is the drop down? For me when the option is ticked and I select a tag or notebook from the drop down
  2. I have a note - I'm looking at it within the 'Tags' screen (let's say it's tagged AAA and then BBB within that) - I click right on the note's Title - and select copy internal link. Go to the new note, (still in my 'Tags' view - in this case the new note is tagged XXX and then YYY within that) I'm in the middle of creating - paste in the details I've just copied - the Title appears as a sort of hyperlink I assume - it's in a non black colour and underlined When I select it - Evernote jumps to the top of the notes with my XXX, YYY setup - it does jump to the expected link I tried this out separately and can repeat the problem 'Tags' List AAA BBB Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 ..... ..... ..... XXX YYY Note50 Note51 Note52 If go to Note 2 create a link - then go to Note 52 and paste - enter - then select 'Note 2 hyperlink' with my Note 52 - it jumps to Note50 but repeated clicks/selection do nothing I thought perhaps it's to do with nesting of tags so I repeated it with just a single layer - ie just AAA and XXX - same problem
  3. This is a continuous issue / problem that crops up regularly and I suspect is probably discussed at Evernote HQ fairly frequently. It's a fundamental design problem (did someone say some time ago '250 is fine; people will need need more than that'). Evernote themselves know in their hearts they are going to have to face the consequences some day. The trouble is - undoing this flaw is no small exercise and likely expensive, not to mention the various risk factors that need to be tackled. Actually, I'm well versed in risk analysis and subsequent mitigation having worked for a large Banking outfit in UK - so hire me to get the ball rolling! Joking aside, we are being fobbed off with 'tags' - which is not a solution. Tags are a really useful tool - but that is what it is - tool. The situation is a shame as the rest of Evernote is very good and while I've mentioned costs - we don't know the real cost of those people who don't use Evernote in earnest due to the 250 limit. I'm looking elsewhere to see what's about - I'll keep an eye on Evernote and we'll see what happens.
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