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  1. Yep now looking actively of switching. When a company does this sort of thing - there's really one reason behind it and that's the dollar. They have thought about it and decided to take a hit. That attitude is a brave and possibly a risky one. So I'm not moving so much because the new 'built from scratch' simplified version with poorer functionality is something I couldn't deal with - I'm moving because of this companies attitude to it's customer base.
  2. All that could have been achieved without completely destroying many existing workflows.
  3. Thanks for nothing. In one swoop you have completely destroyed my workflow and 7 years worth of an information database. Many moons ago with the idiotic limitation of 250 notebooks I was forced to go the tagging route. That took a whole weekend to re-organise 3000+ notes. BUT once set up it did work well and no longer a limit on a high level entity. Today that's all gone - colour coded tag tiles gone. AND when you go to a tag area and create a new note you are bounced to ALL notes - the new note is not kept with the tag set. OK so I thought I'd look at Notebooks again and moving notes within tag to a Notebook - oh no the data is lost - brilliant how can that possibly happen! This is a complete waste of space - and I am now looking at moving out of Evernote to something else - I just hope that the receiving software can read in Evernote data.
  4. Just opening this up - as I'm still not clear what it does? I've switched it on (hoping it would do something for me) but I can't see any difference. In the above explanation - I don't know what the following means - I assume I running Evernote a different way - could someone enlighten me? What is the drop down? For me when the option is ticked and I select a tag or notebook from the drop down
  5. I have a note - I'm looking at it within the 'Tags' screen (let's say it's tagged AAA and then BBB within that) - I click right on the note's Title - and select copy internal link. Go to the new note, (still in my 'Tags' view - in this case the new note is tagged XXX and then YYY within that) I'm in the middle of creating - paste in the details I've just copied - the Title appears as a sort of hyperlink I assume - it's in a non black colour and underlined When I select it - Evernote jumps to the top of the notes with my XXX, YYY setup - it does jump to the expected link I tried this out separately and can repeat the problem 'Tags' List AAA BBB Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 ..... ..... ..... XXX YYY Note50 Note51 Note52 If go to Note 2 create a link - then go to Note 52 and paste - enter - then select 'Note 2 hyperlink' with my Note 52 - it jumps to Note50 but repeated clicks/selection do nothing I thought perhaps it's to do with nesting of tags so I repeated it with just a single layer - ie just AAA and XXX - same problem
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