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  1. Ohh! I finally get it now! I seldom use the drop down feature and always select notes from the left panel, so I didn't realised about it. Sorry, evernote noob here :/ Thanks a lot for the help csihilling!
  2. Thanks for the reply csihilling! I have tried using that options but it seems that even if I tick it or not, the notebook/tags on the left panel will still move to the notebook or tag selected
  3. Hi everyone, I don't really understand the use of this option "Scroll left panel item into view when the item is selected". It is found in Options->Navigation. I can't really find a descriptive explanation in the web and forum. I am also aware that if you hover the mouse to the sentence, a dialogue will pop up to explain this option but I still don't get it! Hope you guys can help.
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