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  1. Sorry. I meant notebooks, not folders. And it doesn't say anywhere that stacks should automatically expand, I just assumed it was obvious that they should expand. Sorry.
  2. But it doesn't. For example, if in my Notes list I drag notes from that list to drop them onto folders, the stacks don't automatically expand to reveal the folders. That's a problem since then I have to abort the drag and drop, manually expand the stack, and then resume the process. Please fix. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. However, smart quotes are not "elaborate text," and such a normal feature does not require bloatware. I fully understand that Evernote is for notes, but often what starts as a note ends up as something more, and having to fix quotation marks is silly.
  4. Yes, I mean like what you show in your example. Any proper text editor should do smart quotes automatically, so it's not good that Evernote lacks such an automatic feature. Please describe how a text expander might help with this and the expander you recommend. Thank you!
  5. How can smart (curly) quotation marks be enabled for the Windows app? Without smart quotes, it's a burdensome editor since straight quotes are not proper. Thank you.
  6. Does 10.6 fix the taskbar bug? I'm considering reverting back to Evernote after several years with OneNote, but I'm surprised that 10.x doesn't seem ready for primetime. 

    And when will 10.6 actually be in the Windows Store? Is there a way to install it before it is?

    Thank you.

  7. I'm using 10.5.7. After pinning Evernote to the taskbar, it's there, but you can't see it. You have to mouse over it to know it's there. Then, after running it, and closing it, it's no longer pinned to the taskbar. A true bug and one that should be fixed quickly, please. I've never seen such an obvious bug with an app.
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