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  1. Dissapointed long time power-user of Evernote here. The new update is really really bad - just like browser version, the same thing. The news - I have switched to Bear app.
  2. Ok - i can do the clean macos install so i suppose there will be no problem with sync... anyway - the old version which i found here is too old for me - i want the just previous version before the last one.... anyway - am I wrong or this new macos desktop evernote is realy just the same like the browser version? The tables are different, the fonts are different - why all this? It is really bad....
  3. I really need previous version - I have searched but not have found it... Thanx in advance for help... Marko
  4. Hello... After reinstall of my Evernote on my Mac I have noticed the whole new design, which is similaer to the "browser-version" of the Evernote - I don't like it at all and I want my old mac desktop version again... I don't know how to make it? Is it possible? Thank you... Marko
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