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  1. Have you noticed (in PC) when you shift+click, the merged note comes out in the opposite order of ctrl+click?
  2. I am using Windows 10 and Evernote version 6.11.2 Public. Here, this is what I get in my File tab. You can see the option Print to PDF right below Print.
  3. Hi. I had the same question, but I did find the solution. I will share it here in case you or any other has the same question. In Evernote Windows you must: Select the note you want to export as PDF. Go to File > Save as PDF (under Print) Done. Another alternative is export as various formats such as HTML, to do this: Select the note you want to export Go to File > Export Select the format you need, click export Done. Hope this is helpful.
  4. Hi Evernote Team. Currently, I'm running the 6.11 version that rolled out a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know there is a bug where Evernote won´t allow text content (it happened to me with Microsoft Word) to be pasted into notes. This is quite frustrating, so could you please look into it. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Chantal is the moderator of the group. I, the user with the syncing issue, am Sergio. Also, who is Austin? Also, how did you manage to sync with a VPN connected, I have been in this country for a few years now and most of the times syncing worked only with the mention VPN program running. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote numerous times with a selection of the versions out there, always with the same result of not being able to get the sync done. Do you any information you can share on how to get this solved? @Quentin Chen or @Chantal Leonard
  6. @Chantal Leonard Hi, I'm having the same issue. Simply cannot sync either with without a VPN in China. Is there anything you guys could do to fix these? Thank you
  7. I am an Evernote International Premium user living in China. It has become practically impossible to get to sync my account. The few times it did sync I was using a VPN, but presently, it won't sync even with the VPN on. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the program many times now. I post this message here as the customer service in China is directed to the app Yinxiangbiji, it is all in Chinese, and they have no suggestions other than "use a VPN". Has anyone suffered the same frustrations here, how did you solve it?
  8. Hello. I am having a frustrating experience with this update: I created a note with a few .doc files. Then I added bullet points for each of the files, however, when I increased the indentation of these bullet points the files just vanish. After, even when I use the Ctrl+z command, the files won't appear. Please do find a solution for this issue. Thank you.
  9. As of August the 10th 2017, this issue is still present. Currently, I can only sync if using a VPN. And to have the VPN running at all times is not possible for me. Possible solutions? Thank you.
  10. Hello. I really am looking forward to these new updates. But more importantly, now, I am having difficulties with syncing. I live in China and use Evernote International, but time and time again it is becoming more annoying to get my devices to be in sync. Currently, I can only manage to sync through a VPN, if ever it does. Are you aware of this situation? what can we users of Evernote in China do? Thank you.
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