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  1. My law firm is running Evernote Business. We are running EN 10. I had my paralegal create a new Notebook, called "2205-001 Case File". I went to the Admin Console, and found 2205-001 Case File was not "published." So now I am ready to Join the Notebook. But: There is no option to "Join Notebook". In fact, I can find no way to get to my Business notebooks at all. I can only see my own notebooks, and the Business notebooks I have already joined. How do I join a Business notebook?
  2. The Import Folder feature is missing from the new version. This is a critical feature in my workflow to avoid mind-numbing and carpal tunnel-inducing tasks. This, and offline mode, are close to deal-breakers for me. Please advise.
  3. Thank you for this comment, Dave. I get very frustrated when I report a problem to support, and instead of just responding, "this is a known issue, we are working on it," they ask me for my computer specs and activity logs as if it is a "my system" problem. These bugs are wasting my time. Evernote, please do not make things worse by asking for more of my time by following your mindless "support" scripts.
  4. Yes that is the problem, but there appears no reason for this distinction in behavior. To demonstrate: First, I use the search bar to filter by tag "Contacts", then I click the search bar to refine the search -- you will see it recognizes my "Contacts" tag filter: To compare, I next use the Tag filter (Ctrl+Alt+3) to filter by tag "Contacts". It produces the same results as using the search bar to apply this filter. But now when I use the search bar to refine, it does not recognize the "Contacts" tag filter: There is no reason I can discern for this difference in behavior. I could search by starting with Tags in EN 6.5 (Alt+F2). I should be able to do the same in EN 10. I assume this is an oversight. I hope it is not design.
  5. Option 1 only works if the tag you are looking for appears in the results in the main search bar. As it only returns about two tags, and as I do not always know exactly what tag I am looking for, this will not work reliably for me. When I have filtered for a tag, I simply need the search bar to acknowledge that I already have a filter applied, so that I can continue refining my search. As you can see in the screen cap below, I do have a filter applied in the notes column, but the search bar does not recognize this. The search bar needs to get wise. Option 2 could work. But it is cumbersome. I hope it is offered as a temporary workaround and not as Evernote search orthodoxy.
  6. One big improvement in Evernote 10 is that I do not get "Evernote (Not Responding)" occurrences repeatedly throughout my day as I did with Evernote 6. (EN 10 still is much slower overall, an issue raised in another thread.) But there is a regular exception to this. On several occasions, I have gotten "Evernote (Not Responding)" first thing in the morning. I leave my office computer on 24 hours a day. When I leave for the day, I leave EN 10 running. When I come back to it in the morning, EN 10 looks just as I did when I left it. As soon as I click anything, however, I get, "Evernote (Not Responding)" in the title bar. It takes about a minute or more to resolve.
  7. Actually as I recall I believe I had one of the PDFs in the note open in Acrobat (a form) and was filling out the form when I duplication happened.
  8. I am starting a new note. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+T to Edit Tags. (This time it worked; very often, Ctrl+Alt+T is unresponsive. So is F3. But I digress.) So now I want to add tags using the Edit Tags pop up window. I begin typing my first tag: Memo. Of the three results, I see the one I want to select. I press the Down key to get to it. Nothing. I press the Tab key. Nothing. To select the desired tag, I have to take my hand off the keyboard, find my mouse, hover over the checkbox, and click. Then to do my next tag, I have to move the mouse back to the search bar, then move my hand back from the mouse to the keyboard, backspace to clear the text, and start typing my next note. Repeat for as many tags as I need to add, often several. This repetition is pointless, inefficient, and frustrating. It should be eliminated.
  9. I am searching for a note. I know its tag is "Contacts". So I bring up the tag "Contacts" by pressing Ctrl+Alt+3 and finding "Contacts". Now I need to search for my contact's name. It is Fred. So I click the Search bar and type "Fred". But the search drops the "Contacts" tag and is now searching across all notes. Perhaps Ctrl+Alt+3 needs to display the tag as a "filter" so that further search refinements may be made. At any rate, this is a problem.
  10. Some of my notebooks have notes I need to sort by title. Some by date. In EN 6, I could set this and choose the option to Remember View Settings. But in EN10, I cannot.
  11. When pressing Ctrl+Alt+2 to search notebooks, the My notebooks list shows up, along with a search bar to filter (search for) notebooks. But when I begin typing my filter/search, nothing. Turns out, the focus is not on the search bar. I do not know where it is. Wherever the focus is, it is someplace of no consequence to the user. Please focus the focus where the focus is needed: on the search bar.
  12. To add documents like PDFs to my notes, I "copy" them in the folder in Windows Explorer (Ctrl+C), and then "paste" them into my EN note (Ctrl+V). This doesn't work any more. Drag-and-drop works. But Copy/Paste should also work.
  13. When I search for a note and find the note I am looking for and click on it, it appears in the main Evernote window, with no notebook list view visible. The note takes up 2/3 of the screen. This view is undesirable. I want to open the note in its own window. But there is not an option for that. So at least I want to view the notebook list next to the note, so I click on the notebook name at the top middle of the screen. It opens up the notebook alright. But now the note has disappeared -- it is replaced with whatever happens to be the first (most recent) note in the notebook. I could go and hunt for the note in the list of notes, but that is why such things as search bars exist.
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