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  1. I often send emails with attachments. The attachments often come from files I keep in Evernote. With EN 6.x, I would simply drag and drop the file that is inside the EN note to my email. But with 10.x, I cannot do that anymore. It just creates some useless square graphic in the email. But the file is not there. So to get the file there, I have to open the file that is in the EN note, save it to my desktop, then drag it into the email I am composing. That is an unreasonable number of steps. Clearly no one intended to remove the feature to drag-and-drop. So what am I missing?
  2. "you can use the three dots menu at the top right hand side of the note to open it in a new window" I could swear I'd looked there before for just that option and didn't see it. But I've been known to overlook the obvious. Thanks!
  3. I use the Ctrl Q "switch to" search a lot. But when I find a note, Evernote displays it using the whole screen, and makes the note list disappear. Without the note list, I have no way to open/pop out the note into a new window. Is there a way to get the note list back and pop out the note once I've found it ?
  4. I have seen no hints Evernote has any interest in core performance. Every indication is that Evernote is only concerned about new features.
  5. That is ironic because I understand the entire point of this upgrade was to create uniformity. Whatever else may be said, it appears as agree Evernote has failed in this, its ultimate objective.
  6. I've shared my experience before, but here are the problems I experience: 1. when sharing content, the only effect is to open Evernote. Nothing further happens. 2. I then have to switch back to the original application, and then share again. This time, when Evernote opens up, the sharing interface pops up. 3. the sharing interface assumes I want to use the same notebook and tags as specified in my previous share. It is very difficult to uncheck tags, particularly since I have many tags in my database: the app makes me scroll through all of my tags, find the tags previously selected, and uncheck them. this adds many unnecessary seconds to the sharing process, even minutes. I cannot conceive how this structure in the interface benefits anyone. For this reason, I have stopped using the sharing interface to specify any tags at all. 4. once I have completed the share in the interface, now the wait begins. I watch the synchronize feature for the new note spin round and round for several seconds in the Evernote app. This often takes 30 seconds to a minute before I can change the notebook, tags, or read or edit the note. 5. even assuming all of these problems were resolved, I have detected no benefits in the new Evernote app over the Legacy version.
  7. I was very happily using the Legacy version until last week. All of a sudden Evernote force updated itself. Now when I reinstall the legacy, it will not sign in. I have tried uninstalling and restarting my android phone multiple times. No luck. I am stuck with the terrible 10.x.
  8. Same awful android experience described by others. But no one has mentioned web clipping. First principle of upgrades is So No Harm. Don't make a thing worse. Web clipping is worse in every way. First, it doesn't work: you have to clip a thing twice just to get the EN interface to come up. The interface is clunky and terrible. Basically don't bother tagging or assigning a notebook in the interface, just switch to the app after and do it there. But then you see it takes close to two minutes before you can edit those basic things. So a simple clip now takes close to 2 full minutes. Does anyone at Evernote actually use this android app? Someone might want to check to see if he's okay.
  9. My law firm is running Evernote Business. We are running EN 10. I had my paralegal create a new Notebook, called "2205-001 Case File". I went to the Admin Console, and found 2205-001 Case File was not "published." So now I am ready to Join the Notebook. But: There is no option to "Join Notebook". In fact, I can find no way to get to my Business notebooks at all. I can only see my own notebooks, and the Business notebooks I have already joined. How do I join a Business notebook?
  10. The Import Folder feature is missing from the new version. This is a critical feature in my workflow to avoid mind-numbing and carpal tunnel-inducing tasks. This, and offline mode, are close to deal-breakers for me. Please advise.
  11. Thank you for this comment, Dave. I get very frustrated when I report a problem to support, and instead of just responding, "this is a known issue, we are working on it," they ask me for my computer specs and activity logs as if it is a "my system" problem. These bugs are wasting my time. Evernote, please do not make things worse by asking for more of my time by following your mindless "support" scripts.
  12. Yes that is the problem, but there appears no reason for this distinction in behavior. To demonstrate: First, I use the search bar to filter by tag "Contacts", then I click the search bar to refine the search -- you will see it recognizes my "Contacts" tag filter: To compare, I next use the Tag filter (Ctrl+Alt+3) to filter by tag "Contacts". It produces the same results as using the search bar to apply this filter. But now when I use the search bar to refine, it does not recognize the "Contacts" tag filter: There is no reason I can discern for this difference in behavior. I could search by starting with Tags in EN 6.5 (Alt+F2). I should be able to do the same in EN 10. I assume this is an oversight. I hope it is not design.
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